Friday, July 23, 2010

Hair and Eyelashes

What is it with kids insisting on growing up?

At the end of last year, as the weather got warmer, Amanda asked me if she could shave her legs. It took me off guard, but objectively I knew it was the right time, and I was a little surprised she hadn't asked before. She was in 6th grade, but in an intermediate school. My 6th grade was middle school (6 - 8), and I think I started shaving my legs as soon as I started.

Big change number one: No hair on her legs

The last month of school, she was in a play. They wore makeup, because they were on stage with lights, so I helped her with that (having not ever been in a "everyone must look alike" dance recital, this was her first experience with stage makeup). She said that everyone was wearing eyeliner, so we tried our best. I determined that her eye is not shaped well for eyeliner. I don't wear eyeliner these days, instead using shadow to line my upper and lower eye, so I wasn't much help.

She wanted to wear it to school, as her friends sometimes did (I didn't get the "sometimes" part. Did they declare "Eyeliner Wednesday?"). She ended up not liking the look, a decision aided by her friends agreeing she looked better without it.

A few weeks ago, she asked me about makeup again. I suggested that she try mascara. And so she has. I have to admit that it looks very nice, and not at all makeup-y, unlike the pink blush and purple frosty eyeshadow that I debuted in Middle School in the 80's.

Big Change 2: Longer eyelashes

Along with the attention to making up her face a bit, she's paid a lot more attention to her hair this year, which is a welcome change. No longer did I have to beg her to wash it more than once a week.

She told me she wanted it curly this summer, but her hair is wavy, not curly. I think she liked the idea of not having to dry it, as I do when I'm going curly, because she doesn't like that part of the ritual. But hers needs to be dried, or it just looks all out of sorts.

I suggested that I curl it for her -- in that manual sort of curl that so many of the young actresses are wearing, similar to this Selena Gomez style. So in spite of having to get off early-ish for VBS last week every day, we fixed her hair.

Big Change 3: Hair grooming

Let's not even talk about the fact that she keeps growing. At Christmas, she was not yet as tall as my mother-in-law, who is just over 5 feet tall. I knew she had grown like a weed all spring, and sure enough, I measured her back in May, and she was over 5'2" tall.

And her feet. All of a sudden they are almost as big as mine. We are sharing flip flops (which has been fun to double my casual shoe wardrobe!). I'm hoping that again like her mother, that her feet stop growing now. Size 9 is big enough.

Big Change 4: She's the size of a normal adult human being.

I know that there's much much much more to come. I'm rolling with it, but it's rolling over me as well.

edited: By popular demand, a picture is here on Missing Amanda Hurts.


Martha said...

I am right there with you....Hannah is almost as tall as me but has a petite size 7 shoe. Michael is about half an inch shorter than Hannah but is getting all that boy hair and the deeper voice (and he just turned 13). Jason is past my shoulder already and I am sure is going to be the tallest. Where did the time go?

Lauren said...

I also started shaving around 6th grade. I can remember us changing clothes for PE and talking about it in the locker room. Best wishes with all the changes. I don't even want to think about it!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Ahh... changes. Aren't they fun?

morninglight mama said...

Oh dear lord, I can hardly even imagine what awaits us down the pre-teen daughter road!!

As I read this post, I wondered if there would be a pic by the end... (hint, hint...)


Jen Rouse said...

I kind of wanted to see an all-grown-up pic too.

This post made me all nostalgic for my daughter growing up--and she's only 6! But I know the next 6 years are going to zoom by, just like the first have.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Well if I'm a normal adult human being, then yes, she's definitely that size. I'm about 5'2-and-a-half" and wear size 7 shoes. Yes, changes, changes...It's hard to keep up with them all at this age.