Saturday, July 10, 2010

How I Met Jason Segel

I've blogged a few times about how much I enjoy How I Met Your Mother. Love it. It makes me laugh, it makes me think back to those days in my 20's when I was married with no kids, so it makes me nostalgic. I love it (do you get that?).

Jason Segel plays Marshall on the show, and he also plays Vector in Despicable Me, so he was on our list to interview.

He was so much fun, flirting with us (harmlessly, not in a cheesy way), and talking to us about his own childhood, during which he claims to have worn a Superman cape until he was about 12, and some of his current projects. He's a young guy, just 30 years old I think, but you can tell he is serious about what he's doing. For example, in the movie, Vector's very proud of his orange jumpsuit. I asked him if he had a special outfit -- something that made him feel great about himself or super-comfortable or whatever (by the way, I think that mine is that dress I'm wearing -- it's super comfortable, and I always get compliments in it -- love it!!).

He said, "It's funny you should ask that," in a very overly serious tone that made us all laugh. He went on to tell us that he's a writer as well (he's been working on a new Muppets movie screenplay that he's so exited about, and he's written many of the movies he's starred in), and so when he's at home working he puts on a suit and tie at 8:00am, so that he feels like he's really doing something. Interesting. When I am working at home, I do get dressed, but definitely not dressed up.

He was our first interview, and so fun to talk to, and I look forward to seeing what else he does in the future. He loves this movie, Despicable Me, as do I, and he seems to get pretty invested in what he does, so he may be one of those actors who I try to follow and see what else he's up to. I'll definitely be watching How I Met Your Mother, and I'm thinking that the Christmas 2011 Muppets Movie will be on my radar for sure.

One of his favorite things about Vector was being able to play against type. As a giant 6'4" hulk of a man playing a sort of wimpy nerdy guy was freeing and challenging (but remember the Superman cape, so maybe not so much of a stretch).

I've just posted brand new interviews with Steve Carell and Julie Andrews on the other sites, so please check them out. Terry and I are taking the kids to see the movie this afternoon, so I will likely have something else to say. In fact, I think I'll post on 5 Minutes for Mom about 3D vs 2D sometime later this week, because I saw the screener in 3D, but Kyle isn't particularly a fan, so we'll go 2D today. So if you are interested in that, be watching early next week. I won't necessarily link over to it from here.

This was such a fun experience. Thanks for letting me tell you all about it. And thank you Universal for inviting me!


Carrie said...

I can't see that my comment went through at 5M4B but I think it's awesome that you got to meet Andrews and tell her how much you loved her book!

You got me hooked on it and now it's a part of my home library!

Your smile is more enthusiastic in the picture with Julie Andrews. ;D

Sounds like you had an amazing experience and it's been interesting to hear about!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I totally forgot this, but Julie Andrews was telling us, "Say 'money.' It gives you a nice smile," so we were all cracking up.

She was really a doll.

Linda S said...

Now i have to come up with a new title for my jason interview! ha! great minds think alike!

morninglight mama said...

So, so very cool!! You know I'm insanely jealous, but still quite happy for you. :)

lifewithmyboys said...

So jealous! I've been a fan of Jason Segel since he was on Freaks and Geeks. I'd love to meet him.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Um...I have to admit, I have no idea who Jason Segel is, but it sounds like he's a nice guy. (And you are a super interviewer by the way -- great question for him!)

The more I read of your experiences, the more I *need* to see Despicable Me. :)

Jen Rouse said...

Holy cow, jealous! I love HIMYM too.