Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lots of Kids' Picks -- July

Summer reading has kicked in here full force. Both kids are signed up for the summer reading program at the library and are enjoying the perks and prizes. In fact, the prizes are definitely enticing Kyle to choose a book over other activities (on a rare occasion), and definitely causes him to read a book himself to me at bedtime instead of me reading it to him, since I am only allowing him to report books he's read himself.

So what is keeping my 6-year-old boy's interest?

  • No Babysitters Allowed is a cute story about a bunny who doesn't want his parents to go out and leave him with a babysitter. It is a longer picture book, with a fair amount of words, so I was proud of him reading it all himself. We actually bookmarked it one night and continued the next, which is something I've learned to do. If he's getting frustrated, or tired (or I am), we just stop and start again later, even if we only have 5 pages to go. I think that he likes using a bookmark.

  • On our big driving trip to Texas, in addition to us all listening to Island of the Blue Dolphins, I got some books that I thought Kyle might like (that he listened to on headphones using the rear entertainment system). I was SO happy that he really liked the Magic Treehouse books: Tonight on the Titanic, Buffalo before Breakfast, Tigers at Twilight, and Dingoes at Dinnertime.

He's just not developmentally ready to read a whole chapter book, although I think that skill-wise he could. But I'm hoping that sometime within the next few months he will be ready to tackle some of the Magic Tree House books that we've collected over the year, especially now that he knows he likes them, and he's familiar with the storyline.

  • Another book that kept him busy and quiet on the ride was Yukon Ho! (Calvin and Hobbes). It's words on a page, he processes them with his eyes and his mind, and it keeps him engaged. I guess that's reading, right?? I want him to read, and to love it, and I'm going to try my best to keep giving him things that encourage him that Reading is Fun!

Amanda, 11 1/2, has no trouble finding books that interest her. Over at 5 Minutes for Books, I wrote about her reading of Alice in Wonderland, and specifically her experience using the 100 Classic Books cartridge. She really enjoyed the book.

Other books that have kept her reading this summer:

  • I,Q: The White House -- She and I both read I,Q at the beginning of the summer, and really loved it. I'll be reading book two soon, and I'm happy to say that we will be offering a giveaway of both titles over at 5 Minutes for Books in August!
  • The Princess Diaries -- We picked this up at our pilgrimage to Half-Price Books on our Texas trip. She's been wanting to explore more tween/teen appropriate literature, and this book was a dollar, so I thought I'd let her try it. She liked it, and says it's age-appropriate, but thinks that the second in the series might not be. She read the first couple of chapters, and though she's still interested, I think she decided to wait. I encourage her to explore, but I am at the stage where I am coaching her to discern herself instead of previewing everything that she might read.
  • I also gave her Iron King (linked to my review) to read, and she's only partway in, but loving it! There is some language in this, so it might not be appropriate for some middle schoolers, but I tolerate language more than mature content, and since I've read it, I know it's okay.
What are your kids reading? Tell us over at 5 Minutes for Books or browse the links and find some Kids' Picks that your kids might enjoy.


Lauren said...

Magic Tree House books were the first chapter books my son read. They are so good!

You guys have been reading a lot! We haven't done so well in the past few weeks. We've been so busy, my kids haven't been reading much of anything. I am planning a trip to the library tomorrow to rectify that!

Jen Rouse said...

I'm impressed that you're only doing books he's read himself for the summer reading program. To me that seems outstanding for a 6-year-old! My almost-6-year-old probably COULD be reading whole books to herself--and she does occasionally. But I'm not pushing it too much. What I love is when she reads a picture book to her little sisters. So precious.

Carrie said...

I LOVE Half Price BOoks! OH envy and madness than you went! Sighhhhh.

I have been wanting to check out the Magic Tree House books and see how they are. I haven't read any yet but they seem quite popular.

Glad to hear Amanda liked IQ also. Hmm...

And WHO can resist Calvin and Hobbes? Great picks!

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

How is the Iron King?

I went with Patterson this week. Here is mine

Nancy said...

I'm also impressed you're only counting books he's read himself! I've compromised and we're taking turns reading pages. Sometimes he forgets it's my turn and keeps on going, and I let him. :) I also love when he reads to his brother.

I've been reading him Magic Treehouse books for a couple of years now but he's not quite at the point of reading them himself. Although I haven't tried lately so maybe I should pick one up...

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Maybe I'm just mean, making Kyle read the books himself!

Brooke--the Iron King is linked to my original review. I loved it, and Amanda's liking it too. I know you said you read the novella, which is sort of just a little betweener between the two. I'm reading Iron Daughter now myself, and it's pretty good as well.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh, I'd probably be "mean" like you -- I mean he CAN read and is a good reader, so it makes sense to me. :)

And Calvin & Hobbes have completely taken over our house. C. has had a number of the books for years, but has been reading them nonstop during the past couple weeks. L. doesn't really get the humor, but begs C. to read them to him. It's Calvin & Hobbes, all the time!

morninglight mama said...

Calvin and Hobbes is awesome!! All types of reading count. :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Love Calvin and Hobbes. I think we may have a few C&H books in our basement. I'll have to remember to pull them out in a few years for the kids to look over. I'm excited for next summer and hoping that my daughter will be able to read independently after taking kindergarten.