Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missing Amanda Hurts

The big girl is off at sleepaway camp. She went last year, and looked forward to returning this year. As the day approached, Kyle would say, "I'm going to miss Amanda."

Kyle has a little flair for the dramatic and can be a bit of a kiss-up, so I wasn't too concerned about him.

When he was hugging her goodbye, his face was all red and scrunched up! Holding back his emotion, not fake drama at all!

A few tears fell as we were leaving. I assured him that he would be just fine without Amanda, and that maybe when he got back home, he'd remember how much he missed her and not fight with her so much!

In a quiet moment in the car later, he said, "Missing Amanda hurts."

"Where does it hurt?" I asked.

"Here," he said, pointing right to the gut.

Lest you cry any tears over a heartbroken little brother, he declared at our Monday night dinner (which we got to eat on the deck, because the summer heat has finally broken), "I like having dinner without Amanda."

And apparently yesterday was "one of the best days." Why? Because I let him watch a lot of TV.


By popular demand, above is a picture of the girl with the hair and eyelashes (though I don't really have a picture of her hair curly). Another point I should have brought up in that post is shorts. I finally caved and bought her some short shorts. These are the shortest of the 3 pairs she has, and believe it or not, we rejected several as too short -- shorter than these. It's the fashion, she doesn't look bad or trashy. It's fine. Not that I will take that attitude with everything just because everyone else is doing it, but I'm fine with this one.


morninglight mama said...

Oh, sleepaway camp. I'm not sure if that will ever be a part of our lives, but we do usually have a few days each summer when the oldest spends time at the grandparents' and the younger two miss him a whole lot. (And I so miss the constant bickering. Yeah right.)

Your daughter is just beautiful!

monica @ paper bridges said...

oh boy she's a cutie. if she's wearing make up, I can't tell.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Thank you both!

And yes, Monica, it's just the mascara, so it's subtle, but enough so that I notice when she doesn't have it on. It's a nice enhancement.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! She definitely looks like a "big girl." How sweet that Kyle missed her!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Aw -- I love Kyle's reactions (mushy and otherwise). And I cannot believe how grown-up Amanda is looking! I don't think it's the mascara...her face is just looking more mature and teen-like all the time.

Lisa writes... said...

How fast they grow up! She is so pretty!