Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Road Trip

I've alluded several times to the road trip that we took this year, but haven't posted much about it, mostly because I didn't want to post while I was on the road (Hello, robbers? Come on in!), and in the two weeks I've been back, I've helped teach VBS, coordinated a number of playdates, hosted some family guests for 3 days, and driven 250 miles (and back) to take Amanda to camp.

So basically I still feel like I'm running. But enough complaining. I give you The Road Trip:


"You're driving to Texas alone?"

More than one friend asked me this question when I told them my plans. It's usually followed up by, "Doesn't that concern you?"

This summer was the second time my family and I have driven from Texas to Connecticut. Our plan was to spend several weeks visiting family and friends who were spread out across the state. My husband could not take the entire time off from work, so I drove there by myself, and then he flew out to join me for the second week and return drive home.

I was actually less stressed on the half of the trip that I spent driving alone. If we were both in the car, there was a 50-percent higher chance that one of us was going to be tired or irritable.

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Martha said...

Love the article. You are a brave woman but it is fun to travel by yourself with your kids.

Carrie said...

I think we'll wait awhile before we try a road trip but it's fun hearing about yours!

Lauren said...

Great article! My hubby surprised me this week. He is getting the kids and me annual passes to Disney World. He is going to go with us at least once, but the rest of the times I will take the kids by myself. We will fly when my husband has free flights from traveling, but we will also drive on some trips. I hope my solo parenting will go as well as yours did!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

We just had the kids' first hibachi experience recently too! (It was a bit traumatic for one family member...)

Love your tips -- especially the gadget-free days and hours. And I'm glad things went (mostly) well!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I love taking road trips with my kids! I haven't braved a long distance trip alone, yet. I'm sure I will when my kids are a couple of years older.