Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Things I Want You to Read -- Links and Giveaways

After a dissatisfying start to my summer, reading-wise, I've kicked it into gear.  School starts tomorrow, and with that I hope to use my time wisely, which mostly means actually getting paid for several hours during the day with my freelance pursuits.  But especially with my very favorite weather on tap -- sunny but not hot -- I'm quite sure that I'll spend time outside on the deck reading in silence (it's become increasingly more difficult for me to read over the sibling rivalry and/or loud blare of the TV that I've employed to block out sibling rivalry).  Lest your jealously kick in, it's supposed to be 92 today, and 92 makes my house stuffy.

I'd love for you to check these out, if you haven't already.  I am proud of these posts/reviews, and there are some great giveaways.  If you use your CTRL button when you click the link, they will open in a new window:

I don't think I've posted any of these.  I did a follow up to my Emma Thompson/Nanny McPhee story (if I didn't link to those, they are at the bottom of these posts):  Emma Thompson's advice to aspiring actors AND then a separate review/giveaway of the Nanny McPhee returns book tie in.  It's really original and fun, and includes a film diary.  It is the same story, but presents itself in a new way.  I recommend it highly as a great middle-grade novel that stands alone.

Speaking of great middle-grade novels, I wanted to see what all the 39 Clues hype was about.  The final book releases today, and we got to host the final blog tour stop over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Read the guest post by author Margaret Peterson Haddix (of Found and Double Identity fame).  Then be sure you enter to win a set of all 10 books.  I read book one and part of book two myself, and was very pleasantly surprised.  I think that I thought that because they were so popular, they were somehow simple and lame.  Read my Mom's Review of 39 Clues.

And yes, we have Mockingjay fever.  The finale to that book came out last week, and Amanda and I both read and enjoyed it.  We were both happy with the ending, and we both thought the beginning was a little slow or cumbersome.  Amanda and her friend got to go to a Mockingjay Reading and Signing with Suzanne Collins, and that upped their interest!  We were also privileged at 5 Minutes for Mom to host a very limited Ipod Touch giveaway with the Mockingjay logo.  So even if you aren't in on the hype, you want a free Ipod Touch, right??

I read Audrey Niffenegger's followup to her smash hit the Time Traveler's Wife.  The reviews on amazon are mixed, but I really enjoyed Her Fearful Symmetry, and am even giving away my extra copy.

Speaking of giveaways, I did draw my Staples winner.  It was Jenni, and I'm hoping her gift card is on the way or she's already received it.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

The thermometer stuck on my kitchen window said 90* today. And don't you know my 7 year old central AC picked today to die?! On the Border catered supper tonight. I'm trying to remember it could be a lot worse (like I could be in TX with no AC!) but I'll be glad when the AC guy comes tomorrow - sometime between 10 and 2.