Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My child, the one who made me a mother, my daughter Amanda, is twelve today.

You've read my thoughts about her as I navigate the tween years.

I've noticed changes in her grooming habits,  I've shared my pride in her accomplishments.

I've documented some really great mother-daughter days (this one involved hot fudge, so how could we miss?).  There have been some bad ones that I haven't shared, but I have recounted some important conversations.

Many of you turn to Amanda for book recommendations.  I frequently feature her picks in the Kids' Picks carnival at 5 Minutes for Books.

We celebrated this weekend with some of her friends.  We survived a sleepover this weekend with four other 12-year-old girls, where some sleeping actually occurred, along with a loud of screaming and laughing and a little bit of melodrama.  In short, it was a girls' slumber party.

 Since you've all watched Amanda grow up, as I am watching myself --in amazement -- will you leave her a happy birthday greeting?  Maybe tell her something you remember about her, or something you yourself remember about being 12 or in 7th grade.

Happy Birthday, Amanda!  I'm very proud of the young woman you are becoming.


Martha said...

I remember meeting Amanda for the first time in Portland. She was so cute and little. We bonded when she was fussy and I would walk with her to help Jenn out. Happy Birthday!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! I have never met you, but I have watched you grow and mature for the past three and a half years! I hope your twelfth year is a wonderful one!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! I think the thing that most stood out about meeting you this past May was how poised and calm you were about life in general. Blessings as you ENJOY a fabulous 12th year!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!! (We have a card for you, but it is currently sitting in the glove compartment of my car...) I have load of embarrassing stories about myself at 12 years old. Including that I willingly wore men's boxer shorts as shorts. Yes, in public. And cut my own hair, leading to ummm "interesting" results. (On the plus side, I did see Paris at 12.) Seeing your style and sensible nature, I am confident that you will have FAR fewer red-faced memories of being twelve than I do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! love Aunt Sarah -- I can't wait to see you latest masterpiece!

mommablogsalot said...

Happy Birthday to Amanda!

planetnomad said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! I wish your parents still lived in Portland as I'm pretty sure you and my daughter, who is 13, would be twin souls. We have benefitted from your book recommendations. Have a great day!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! It's because of you and my son, C., that your mom and I first met and became such good friends. I can't believe it's been 12 years!

We always appreciate your book suggestions and reviews and I love to read posts about your views on life. Hope you are having a fantastic birthday!

Lori W. said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Just met you for the first time last summer in NYC and you reminded me so much of myself as a young girl - wanting to read all the time! I have known your mom since you were just a few months old. She has been an important part of my life and you are blessed to have her for your mom!

Lisa writes... said...

Happy Birthday Amanda, somewhat belatedly! I will always think of the color purple when I think of you and look! no purple in any of the shots your mom posted!