Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation = Books (and Ice Cream)

I'm pretty sure that books and ice cream have been part of any vacation experience that our family has had. Whether it's a quick overnight getaway or a weeklong stay, being able to have some quiet time to read makes a trip feel like a vacation.

My reading time could come on the airplane or car trip getting there. It could come during a lazy day, or when rain thwarts other plans.

If we don't have television, then we get to indulge in more reading than we usually would in the evenings. It was our quick vacation at the beginning of August that finally kick-started my summer reading after a couple months of lackluster results.

If we are exploring a small town, we don't ever pass by the bookstores.  Even though "you can shop at home," as my dear old dad says, we don't always shop at home, and browsing in a bookstore isn't really shopping, it's enjoying the slow pace of vacation.

Local ice cream shops are also never to be missed.

While we vacationed in New Hampshire for a few days after picking up Amanda at camp, we experienced each of these vacation must-dos in spades.  We browsed a couple of bookstores, and ate ice cream several times. A stand-out was the dairy-fresh Walpole Creamery. Although it's not as good as our own dairy-fresh ice cream, it's apparently a New Hampshire institution.

What do you always do on vacation?


Nancy said...

You know, sadly, my vacations don't include books as much as I'd like them to. I did make a concerted effort on our last trip but I still didn't read as much as I'd like. I can't read too long in the car without getting nauseated, and my youngest is too young to be in a pool alone. My husband is not a reader (his dyslexia makes reading a chore more than a pleasure for him) and while I'm trying to grow my kids as readers, it's not their preferred activity while on vacation.

We try to eat locally on vacation though, avoiding chains wherever possible. And yes, ice cream is always a good thing to find. :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

We usually hit ice cream while on vacation, but don't often hit bookstores. However, we always pack way too many books with us, to read during those "in between moments." :)

As for what we always do, besides ice cream, I like to have a "comfort food" breakfast out at least once -- pancakes or french toast, bacon, the works. And we usually do something historical, to satisfy my two history buffs.