Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family TV

There are a couple of new shows that the kids and I have been enjoying, and since I recently asked you what you watched as a family, I thought I'd pass these along:

Hole in the Wall

Two years ago (wow-how in the world has it been two years??), I wrote that we had enjoyed watching a few episodes of a game show on Fox called Hole in the Wall.  Well, like Wipeout (which I recently watched for the first time), the physical stunts and mishaps are funny, but I could do without the announcer's (off-)"color commentary.  When the kids and I saw that Cartoon Network was reviving it in a family version, we were thrilled.  It started last week, and we watched, and they are already looking forward to tonight.  Even better, it comes on at the family-friendly time of 7:30/6:30 on Wednesdays (which those of us with no DVR and strict bedtimes appreciate!!).  You can watch some clips here.

Family Game Night on the Hub

The Hub is a new TV channel that the kids saw advertised (while they were watching TV of course).  The new show Family Game Night has been advertised a lot.  The network launched 10/10/10, and I think that's when we saw the first episode of Family Game Night.  As cable networks often do, the show seems to replay frequently, and Kyle caught it one day after school this week as well.  We have Direct TV, but I'm not sure the availability on other cable networks.  Family Game Night is a fun show, pitting two families against each other with physical feats, a giant Operation game, Monopoly money, Guesstures and more.  The regular showing time is 7:00pm Monday, I believe, which does not work with our schedule, but I'm hoping that we'll be able to catch it on Sundays or late afternoons.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Confession: Haven't heard of either of these. But Family Game Night sounds like something we'd enjoy.