Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flowers for you??

My husband isn't a flower buyer or giver.  I've gotten flowers a handful of times in recent years, and got them on occasion when he was trying to woo me.  I'm okay with that (I'm not going to turn away cupcakes though).

A friend who should remain nameless told me she had some good blog fodder for me -- the make up flowers.

Do you get them?  Do you like getting them?  Do you wish you got them more often?

Or do they, as perhaps they do my unnamed friend, make you think not of the making up but of the behavior which prompted the offering?

Let us know. Let's have some girlchat.

Also let me know what it is that a husband can do to get on your good side if he's messed up. 

Maybe it's the Words of Affirmation love language in me, but a good apology really goes a long way.  Until I get an apology and perhaps a nice hug and a kiss to back up the ask, I feel uneasy until everything is resolved, and I don't like that.  So perhaps I should say what I enjoy best is a quick apology, otherwise after much worrying and fretting it might come across like the flowers that will just get one day closer to death at every glance.


1sentencediary said...

Hmm... my "husband-to-be" is still my fiance. Given that we're not even quite newlyweds yet, he hasn't really been in the doghouse yet. :-)

But in general, I would say that I do like flowers but I don't think they really make up for a difficulty or problem. Even though my primary love languages are not "words of affirmation," still I prefer a discussion of a problem and a clear verbal indication that he understands my point of view. Normally I'm fine with differing ideas but I need and expect him to understand my perspective just as I work to understand his.

I'm not sure if that answers your question, though...

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

My husband is not much of a flower-buyer, which is okay because I'm not really big on flowers anyway. I mean, they're nice and they're pretty, but I think I prefer other things.

If we've had a fight, the thing that's most important to me is to know that everything's okay now. If he was in the wrong, I really appreciate an apology, but mostly, I need him to verbally reassure me that things are good between us.

If he just wants to get me a gift, I'd rather have a book or a Starbucks mocha. Spend the flower money on something more enjoyable. :)

Martha said...

I love flowers (as you Jenn well know). I do not get them as often because I would rather get something I really want or need instead. But my hubbie gave me 40 red roses for my birthday. That was amazing enough but I received them one by one by my old students starting with my own son. He earned lots of brownie points from me and my friends for that one.

We never do make up flowers or gifts. We just make up and move on.

planetnomad said...

We never do make up gifts. Like you, I want a verbal apology, a hug and kiss, and then we move on.
But I LOVELOVELOVE flowers. And I hardly ever get them.

Carrie said...

I'm right with Katrina on this one! Not a big flowers person, like the verbal affirmation, and if there IS to be a gift, I prefer it to be book or coffee related. And if it's coffee then I really know he cares because he's not a big Starbucks fan. ;)