Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm pretty sick of talking about it.  We've told friends and family, teachers, acquaintances.  It's consumed the last few weeks of my life.

We are moving back to Houston at Christmas.

Bittersweet is the absolute perfect description of it. 

The bitter?
  • We love it here -- the proximity to NYC, the four seasons, the abundance of weekend getaway spots.
  • We have had a great experience with the schools and sports and everything here.
  • And mostly -- for all of us -- we have roots here.  My kids have grown up here.  Amanda was just younger than Kyle is now when we moved here 6 years ago.  We have dear dear friends who we'll miss.
The sweet?
  • Yes, we are going home, but as I stated above, this really has become home, especially for my kids.
  • We have already found a home (which I haven't even laid eyes on yet!), and it's beautiful, we have a pool, which Amanda has missed, and I have confidence in the schools there too.
  • We will be near family (though leaving a drivable distance to Terry's family -- add that to the bitter above).
  • And mostly -- we know without a doubt that God is guiding us, just as He did 6 years ago, when we left friends, family, and our home in Houston for the unknown here in Connecticut.  I look forward for what He may have in store for us there.
The last few weeks have been beyond busy with cleaning, organizing, sorting and beautiful delightful purging!  The house is not yet on the market, but we have a relocation deal that makes this completely manageable (more sweet).


Carrie said...

Yup - I can imagine that there's a lot of bittersweet about this move! And I'm sure you ARE tired of talking about it. It would be rather difficult to move during the holiday season! Praying for you all as you make this transition back!

Martha said...

I know you are done with the talking. It is going to be an emotional holiday. We will be praying for you all too! I think you guys love to do the holiday or right before school move. Here's to an easy transition!

morninglight mama said...

I love that you are able to simultaneously appreciate and be saddened by the impending move-- you're a great example for your kids in your acknowledgment of both the bitter and sweet.


planetnomad said...

Ooohhh...I can so relate to how bittersweet any move is. Our last move was more bitter than sweet, but there's plenty of sweetness too when I take the time to look at it.

Good luck! I'm happy I'm far enough away that you can't ask me to help you pack :)

amanda said...

I'd say its more bitter than sweet but it'll be great to meet new friends and have band everyday I guess...

Jen Rouse said...

Best wishes as you prepare for this change--sounds like it's going to be a whirlwhind holiday season for you! How great that you have family and friends in different areas of the country, different places that you can call "home."

Lisa writes... said...

Just a quick comment on your delightful purging--I need to move so I will purge!!! Seriously, we have lived in this house longer than I have lived at any address IN MY WHOLE LIFE. Talk about needing to purge! Usually it's a move that has forced me to do so; now I suppose I must rely on self discipline and so far it's failed me miserably... :)