Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Answers


To Houston.

Right before Christmas.


Those are the answers, but perhaps you want the questions that I answer anytime I'm in a group of casual acquaintances lately?

"You're moving?"



"So are you putting up a Christmas tree?"

So here we are again, yet another year without a Christmas tree.  In that linked post, I admit to and explain the other three years that we've committed this heresy, two of which happened in the last five years.

Again, this year we have a good reason.  We are moving -- I mean really packing up and moving far far away -- on December 23.  We'll spend Christmas with my in-laws in Virginia, and then head on down to Texas.

A week or so ago, the complete lack of Christmas began to bug me, so I dug out our stockings and lighted garland (and tiny wreath where we usually hang a bigger live one).  It's not a tree, but it's not so bad either, right?


Martha said...

I am glad you put something up! Have a wonderful week! I hope we get to see you on the way.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

You're better than me. If I were moving before Christmas, I'm pretty sure there would be no Christmas decorations up!