Thursday, December 09, 2010

The BEST Christmas Specials

Love, love, love ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" specials.

Tonight are my two favorites -- Santa Claus is Coming to Town and The Year without a Santa Claus.  Since I'm DVRless, I was considering watching without my kids, but I think I'll let Kyle stay up until 9pm (I'm not a major stickler, but he's a basket-case when he's tired.

What are your favorite classic Christmas shows?  Any new favorites?  Are you watching Santa Claus is Coming to Town with me right now????

I may be sort of live-blogging this -- updating this post as I'm watching.

Update:  I don't think Kyle is at all familiar with this. I feel a bit ashamed.  Curses on East coast TV time (and my life without a DVR).  He said, "Oh, it's puppets."  Seriously -- what exactly are those things?  Pretty revolutionary for the 60's or 70's or whenever they were made (1970, thanks imdb and Google).

Now it's getting familiar -- "Wait.  I think I did see this."

I thought so.  I don't feel so bad.

**Disclosure:  ABC Family sent me a fun little 25 Days of Christmas treat, a Christmasy thermal iced beverage cup, but I was not obligated to blog and my opinions are my own.


Joy said...

I will be watching with you! :)

Kimberly said...

We own both on DVD (plus many other Christmas movies), so we've watched them multiple times now. My kids are also loving the ABC Family channel shows this month. They are so looking forward to The Santa Clause movie marathon this weekend!

Oh, and I think it is called clay-mation.

Nancy said...

Yep, Claymation. My kids love Rudolph so they're familiar with the animation, though the two your watching aren't really big hits in our house.

I'm kind of disappointed by the new trend of movie-related Christmas specials. It started with Shrek the Halls but this year Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and even Despicable Me have specials.

However, we watched Disney Prep and Landing, which was new last year, and all 4 of us loved it. This was the first time Jon and I had seen it but will not be the last.