Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have you turned into your mother?

As a young person, I remember being embarrassed by my mother ALL the time.  One time when I was in high school, we had bought a few things at the grocery store.  The total was $19.74.  She remarked, "Oh, that was a good year."

The bag boy was in my Spanish class.  And he heard her say that!!  Horrors!!

When Carrie and I were at BEA last year, I found myself talking to strangers, a lot.  Not talking like "Oh, we're both at BEA, so you must be a bookseller, or reviewer, or librarian, and thus we can chitchat about that."  No, more along the lines of something my mom would say to a total stranger in line at the restroom.

As I left the restroom after engaging in such a conversation, I told Carrie, "It's okay if you are embarrassed.  I think I'm turning into my mother, and I was always embarrassed."

Today I was at the grocery store, and the woman behind me was loading up the conveyor belt with all sorts of delicious-looking cheeses, some shrimp, etc.  It was obvious she was preparing for some great holiday entertaining.  I held back my comment, "Looks good -- can I come over?" even though my sure-to-be-embarrassed tween was not with me.

So is it just me?  Or have you turned into your mother as well??


Speaking of mothers, how would you like Blythe Danner to be your mom? I guess that would make you and Gwyneth sisters.  I interviewed Danner and several other members of the cast of Little Fockers in New York recently.  Check out my interview with her where I reveal her secrets to being a good grandma.

I talked with cast newcomer Jessica Alba about being a mom and work/life balance.

I also interviewed the kids in the movie, who cracked me up.  If you comment on that post you can enter to win a $50 Fandango gift card.  In that introductory post, I shared my guilty pleasure at watching the movies (which are PG-13, but please don't take your 13-year-old to see them!!).  This 3rd movie went back to the funny and touching storyline that the first one had (but they are a guilty pleasure -- I know I shouldn't be laughing at some of that stuff, but I can't help it).


Robin McCormack said...

Oh, I love that oh by the way I interview blythe danner and jessica alba. So smooth. Yep, I find myself saying things my mother used to and I swore I'd never do.

morninglight mama said...

You are most certainly not alone, as I could have written this exact post!! (Except for the part about hob-knobbing with the rich and famous...)

I would have been right next to you chatting it up with strangers in the bathroom.

Wait, that didn't sound right...