Thursday, January 27, 2011


The first thing I noticed when we drove into the driveway of our new home was the roses blooming in the front yard. Roses! I've never had rosebushes before.

We didn't leave Connecticut kicking and screaming, but we knew that there were things that we would miss. When I was growing up here in Houston, anyone who had ever lived elsewhere would say "Houston is ugly." Ugly? I didn't exactly know what they meant. No, it's not the Caribbean or the mountains, but it's just a regular city, right?

After living in Portland, Oregon and then returning to Houston, I knew exactly what they meant. It's a concrete jungle, and there are cities that manage to be both functional and beautiful.

Our town in Connecticut was so unique (to us). To live in a small-town setting, yet be near enough to commute to work and to have good schools and amenities close by was something unheard of in this Suburban girl's mind.

We loved the beauty of the houses set back from the road and the lots lined only by trees, not 8 foot tall wooden privacy fences.

The four seasons were new to me, and each was lovelier than the next, with the blazing colors of fall giving way to the pure white winter snow, which ushered in the brightest green that only new life born from dormancy can bring. Save for a few muggy weeks in July, summer was a deep rich green of abundant growth.

But I've been surprised here. Surprised by the beauty that we've stumbled upon, with our backyard overlooking the a lake on the golf course, with an open fence that gives us at least the illusion of space.

The beauty of the house itself has amazed me as well. I guess I never really cared about that sort of thing, but it is something that feels like a blessing worth celebrating and worthy of a little appreciation.


Carrie said...

BEEEAUtiful! Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy! =)

morninglight mama said...

Oh my, this is just gorgeous!! That pool?? If I'm ever in Texas, I know where I'm crashing! :)

monica @ paperbridges said...

yes, that pool! wowsa. me like

planetnomad said...

I'm so glad! Finding beauty in our new surroundings is huge when settling in :)

Martha said...

I don't know if I can visit.:) Your yard is absolutely beautiful. You will love the rosebushes. I do very little with mine and they usually bloom at least twice a year. I am so glad you enjoy the house.