Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are You a Crabby Cook?

I just posted a review and giveaway for the Crabby Cook Cookbook over at 5 Minutes for Books.  I thought I'd ask you to take this simple quiz included in the intro to the book and in my press materials, so that you can gauge your level of crabbiness.

From The Crabby Cook cookbook by Jessica Harper:

Read the following six statements.  If any of them sound like something you might say or think, then I'm sorry, but most likely you do not qualify for crabby cook status.
  1. I can't think of anything I'd rather do at five o'clock than cook dinner.
  2. I'm always one to read a recipe thoroughly before I begin cooking.  You never know when, say, a unique browning method might be called for, and you'll need to run down to Home Depot to pick up a blowtorch.
  3. I never curse while cooking, even when the recipe requires that I chop seven vegetables and flour and sear fifty cubes of beef.  I also do not curse when, in mid-recipe, I am distracted by a phone call from the PTA lady and I burn my finger with the blowtorch.
  4. When the PTA lady calls to ask me to contribute food to their annual luncheon, I love the fact that she entrusts me with making a chicken entree for forty, instead of one of the no-brainer donations like bottled water.
  5. If a family member doesn't care for what I've prepared for dinner, I thank them for their feedback and offer them an alternative entree.
  6. After dinner, I love the solitude of kitchen clean-up, while my family scampers off to watch American Idol.  It gives me precious time to consider what I'll cook for dinner the next day, and the next. . . .
Did any of these ring so true that you were laughing and shaking your head?  I have to say that my two crabbiest responses are probably in regards to 5 and 6. 

I am not a short order cook, and I don't cook things that I think will be "gross."  I know that everyone may not like everything, but I truly feel it's my responsibility as the homemaker to serve relatively healthy food and expose them to a variety of different types of foods.  I honestly wonder about this generation of kids.  At 28, are they all still going to be constrained to a diet of peanut butter, cheese sticks and chicken nuggets??

As for 6, I'm fairly fortunate in that Terry is great at kitchen clean-up, and tackles it fairly readily.  However, I find that this particular issue rears it's head when we have company.  Meal after meal, dish after dish, can get a little tedious when the rest of the group is having fun.  Fortunately, most of my guests are usually helpful.

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