Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Mine

We bought Kyle's Valentine cards for his class party over the weekend, and he immediately went to work addressing them.  His particular box of Starburst cards had 3 varieties.  I noticed him going through them and picking who got what card, particularly focusing on the "Be My Friend?  Sweet!" ones, and musing aloud** to himself, "Hmmm.  Who in my class isn't my friend yet?"

I myself remember doing that, and discussing it with friends. There was always a card that could be interpreted as sort of mean that we'd give to the annoying boys in the class.  Conversely, there were cards that we could hide hand-written hearts on that had messages that if read closely would indicate our secret crushes.

When we were perusing the aisles looking for the cards, all of the candy reminded me of the primo Valentine's Gift that I always hoped I would find awaiting me on my desk from some secret (or named!) admirer:  the giant Hershey's Kiss.  I never got one.  I still don't think that I've ever gotten one.

I like Valentine's Day, and generally I'm all about the whole "my marriage is as/more important than my relationship with my kids" mentality, but for some reason Valentine's Day brings out the mushy mom in me.  Maybe it's because my man is not much of a gift/holiday sort of guy and my kids are.  I'm not sure why, but I'm glad for the opportunity to be able to let them know how much I love them (the kids AND the man).

I will probably prepare a special Valentine's Day family dinner along the lines of the one for which I posted the menu in 2007.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Do you expect gifts, dinner, flowers?  Do you buy gifts and cards for others?

**Footnote:  Most of his musings are aloud.  A lot of sound comes out of his little body, not always in sound volume but amount volume.


morninglight mama said...

My dad used to get those GIGANTIC kisses for me and my sister on Valentine's Day. I loved them and I've been secretly wishing for another for years! :)

Carrie said...

Yeah, we do celebrate V-Day but it's never been a really huge deal for either Jonathan or myself. We usually try to think of something fun to do. And it's fun having kids to celebrate the day with.

I haven't decided what we'll do for dinner/the evening. But I did buy some little heart candies for the kids and, er, some, uh, new books. =P So the idea was that mommy gets to sit down for awhile and read with the boys while they enjoy their candy treats. (Plus I got them each a few books surrounding their favorite characters - Nemo and Thomas.)

It's a small step this year but Bookworm1 is just catching on to the whole idea of holidays.

Lisa writes... said...

I'm afraid my general holiday Grinchi-ness carries over to Valentine's day as well. I do not need someone else to tell me when to tell my husband I love him! Nor do I need to do with a $7 card!

So. There.

Have fun with your holiday festivities!

Martha said...

We have always had the rule that I get a little something for the boys in the family (including Steve) and he gets something for the girls (me included). Don't know about a special dinner this year. Sunday is busy with Sunday School at different times and 2 activities on Monday. I did send my mom flowers to be delivered this year!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We're pretty low key around here for Valentine's Day. I picked up 2 cheap DVDs at Walmart - one for the kids and one for hubby, and some candy. I'm cooking one of hubby's favorite meals for supper which means my children will only eat candy tonight.

My husband is much better about this stuff than I am. He has sent me an email from work every 30 minutes all day long with poems, cute quotes, scripture verses and just to say he loves me. Very creative. Very sweet. And cost him zero dollars.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I usually have a card, candy, and small gift for my husband and two boys. And I have been preparing our traditional Valentine's dinner -- heart-shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes, and sweet harvard beets -- which we eat by candlelight in the dining room. My husband is not a huge gift/holiday guy either, but he surprised me this year with a very nice new coffee mug waiting for me on Valentine's morning.