Friday, February 18, 2011


I love you my sweet Mommy. 
I love you with all my heart. 
I will always love you, my sweet Mommy.
And Jesus too.

Kyle sings.  He sings a lot.  He makes up songs and words and melodies  on all sorts of occasions or none at all.  Many times the music is hummed without words, and it too can be original or borrowed from Super Mario or his sister’s trumpet tunes.  As was the case with the above song that he sang as he bounded down the stairs this morning at 7:00 a.m., the words were better than the melody, which was sung in a falsetto – not something that would catch on, unless of course you are THE mommy in question.

I also had to wonder about the last line.  Did he mean that he would always love Jesus, too?  Or that in addition to his love, Kyle was assuring me that Jesus loved me and would always love me too?  Either sentiment is fine with me.

Do all six-year-old boys feel so deeply or is mine exceptional?  All mothers think their children are special, myself included, but I think that the recognition of Kyle’s gifts is more a result of the fact that unlike all other children, he rarely has a thought or emotion that goes unsaid (or unsung).


**Awesome family photo credit from Blue Castle Photography.  I've got friends in high places.


Carrie said...

I LOVE his song! And his way of expressing it.

My oldest does that too and it just melts my heart. And yes, even sung in falsetto it's absolutely perfect in every way. LOVE little boys who express themselves with such innocence and fullness of heart.

Well, THAT should make your day, Sweet Mommy! ;)

Ryan said...

How precious....there is just something sweet about a boy and his momma.....I LOVE boys!!!!!!

Alicia Berwick said...

o.k. Ryan did not say that~! it is Alicia and I don't have a google account.....soooo it is me Alicia, not Ryan ;)

morninglight mama said...

This is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!!

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

My 4 year old is a singer too - loves to make up words to anything. Makes me wish I could just record him all day long to catch the sweetest stuff! He has heard (and sung) a George Strait song including a line about a troubador, and when his preschool class collected items for a Valentine military care package, he told his dad we went to pick out some gifts for the "troopadors." :)

corinne said...

So sweet. And what a beautiful photo!

planetnomad said...

ok first of all, LOVE that photo! Just gorgeous!
I've got a sweet boy myself. I think they are a little rare in this world of ours.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

So very sweet, and I love the picture too!