Friday, March 18, 2011

Are Vacations Better Than Bling?

"A getaway cruise comes and goes in a few days, but a diamond is forever." --a local jeweler's commercial on the radio
I had to disagree. I was almost shouting at my radio, "That's not true! Memories from that cruise will last forever!" My husband and I have reaped so much from the splurge of a great getaway:
  • Restoration of togetherness in marriage changed by children
  • Rejuvenation of spirit and personal resolve (in each of our jobs--his stress in going to work and my relentless responsibility of caring for the children)
  • Memories that do last forever
    • of a new culture
    • the beauty of a new place (like Disneyworld)
    • a new experience or skill
    • new foods
    • a new language
  • Rest, a priceless commodity
Family vacations offer similar benefits, at least in the memory department and restoration of togetherness in a family stretched by jobs, clubs, meetings, and the everyday busyness of life. I would not advocate taking a family vacation, certainly with very young children, for the purpose of rest. However, while rest is elusive for parents taking charge of a crew, there is still rest from certain responsibilities--phones don't ring (although with cell phones are we ever blessedly unplugged?), laundry doesn't have to be done (at that moment, although it piles up as a future workload), meals don't have to be prepared, although meat might still have to be cut up.

I have been surprised with some nice jewels, and I do treasure them, but if I had to take one over the other, I'd take the getaway experience every time. It's been three years since I was given jewelry, but last year we went to Paris, and this year we hope to return to our favorite Caribbean getaway.

What about you? If you were going to splurge, would you prefer the bling of a diamond, or a fantastic vacation? What are some of your indelible memories or lasting results of a getaway trip or a family vacation?

I've pulled this from the archives -- first published in November 2006.


Carrie said...

I'd MUCH rather have the vacation, thank you very much! The memories of that would far outclass any piece of jewelry!

Laura said...

My husband and I are planning a vacation right now in July but we aren't sure where to yet. Would love to hear more about your favorite caribbean getaway!

Lisa notes... said...

I used to think I'd rather have something that I could use over and over, but the older I get, the more I value the lasting memories of EXPERIENCES too. So I'm with you!

Jennifer O. said...

I'd much rather have a family vacation.

We spend all our "vacation" time going down to visit the relatives in South Texas when we have a chance: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, Summer, thus we nickel and dime ourselves to death and deplete our vacation budget.

It would be nice to get away, somewhere far from home and far from the hometown.

My neighbor went on a Disney Cruise and LOVED it. She said it was the best purchase she ever made and you could see she meant it.

Barb @ 1SentenceDiary said...

I never was much for "things" -- and as I get older, I am more and more convinced that experiences are worth far more than any stuff.

Glad you have enjoyed your vacations!