Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful Girls

Not long ago a friend shared a motherhood moment with me saying, "I was looking at my daughter the other day. Do you ever just look at them and see this beautiful person and wonder how they came from us?"

I understood the sentiment, but I didn't really get it at the time.

Her daughter is 8 months older than mine, and maybe that hint of womanhood that suddenly causes our girls to become beautiful creatures hadn't yet alighted upon Amanda, because now I totally get it. 

There are still plenty of traces of the awkwardness of adolescence, but sometimes when I'm waiting to pick her up at school or church, this beautiful woman appears when I was expecting to see my 12-year-old little girl.


Martha said...

I so understand. It hits me now even more because she really is becoming a woman. Especially in pictures by makes me feel old because I was that age just yesterday right?

morninglight mama said...

So beautiful- all around.

foodieplus4 said...

Aww! Look at those gorgeous young things! What great memories.