Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheers to my Friends

Last night Terry was out of town, and after spending time surfing Facebook and TV, I decided to read a little and then go to sleep. As usually happens when I try to read in bed after 10:00pm, I began to feel tired after 30 minutes or so, so I turned off the light.

But I couldn't sleep.

The prairie winds* were blowing around, so I kept hearing things in the backyard. I heard the air conditioner as it hummed into action.  I heard the dog making nighttime dog sounds.

My adrenaline was on, and though my body was tired, I couldn't sleep.

I turned on the TV just in time to catch the beginning of Friends.  Immediately I was taken back to the early 90's.  Terry and I were just starting out, about the same age as the "friends" were supposed to be, but instead of freewheeling singles who led self-centered lives as they hung out in cool coffee shops, we were a young married couple hanging out on the sofa watching our 19 inch television.

It was "The One with Rachel's Sister," guest-starring Reese Witherspoon.  It was one of the later seasons, so I hadn't seen it more than a time or two.  And I enjoyed it.

But I was still awake.  I had hoped that after half an hour of TV, I could ease into sleep.  But no.

Thankfully, two episodes of Cheers came on next.  They took me back into the 80's as I watched that comedic drama unfold, and back to the 90's as it was a re-run staple.  Whereas Friends still seemed fresh ten years later, Cheers seems dated.  The canned laughter "from a live studio audience" and the dark, flat scenery, and the clothes -- the clothes! and the hair!

When I was a teen, I enjoyed reruns of sitcoms in the afternoons -- One Day at a Time, Three's Company, and who knows what else. I wasn't too discriminating, but if MASH was on (it seemed it was always on, even with the limited channels we had), I couldn't watch.  It seemed flat, colorless, and just didn't interest me.

But, I digress (a lot).  At first I was excited about feeling somewhat awake -- perhaps due in part to the hot tea I unwisely drank at 10pm -- because I was excited to buy myself some extra leisure time.  I was excited to spend some extra time reading.

I'm not a night owl.  Sometimes I wish I was (for the extra hours it could add to my day), but by 11:00pm, I'm almost always out like a light.  I like getting up early, and gaining some time that way to get my day off to the right start.  But just as those of you night owls are frustrated by having to get up even when you have to, I am super-frustrated not to be able to go to sleep when I want to!

But I watched some TV, read some, and yes, wrote this blog post.

Are you a night owl? If so, how do you most often use those "extra" hours?


*seriously, I'm not sure what's up, but it seems much more windy than I ever remember it being when I lived here before!

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planetnomad said...

Whenever Donn is gone I will pretty much be up till 1 at least--often 2 or 3. It's so fun! And I'm always so cranky with the chidren next day! I want him to travel so I can have a lovely night staying up far too late watching stuff on my computer or reading old Agatha Christie novels...and yes I'm a total night owl!