Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey Now, I'm a Vlog Star

After recording a few video book reviews, and even creating a book review channel on YouTube, I've sort of gotten over listening to my voice (with the Yankee-fied Southern accent), and seeing myself on screen, but I am acting as any vlogger probably does -- obsessively checking my page views (not bad, not bad), and also wondering about the image that they choose to capture as the first image.

When I watch the video, this is what I see/hear/experience. I hear the smacking when I pause (what's up with that? I don't do that in real life), and the excessive and extra-long eye-blinks (must work to improve that).

As far as content goes, after the first video(above), I think that I hit a good stride of not writing out/reading my review (which also helped the eye-contact issue). Unfortunately I think I have the cutest hair in that video (and my lipgloss looks good too).

Now the truth comes out.

When I evaluate the videos, I am looking at my hair.

So now that you know that, let me walk you through the many looks of Jennifer. One might think that this is because I'm vain and spend lots of time on my looks. Correction: a blog reader might think that. Those who see me on a regular basis are definitely NOT thinking that. They are thinking, "She spends time on that hair and makeup?"

And that's exactly the point. Video one is the day 2 look of redefining my curls into a more wavy style. I like that look, but it's the most time-consuming.

The second video (above) is day 1 (of hair-washing) air-dried curly. I am actually coming to really love this look, especially with the top pulled back with a little bobbie pin. My lipgloss looks okay too. This is definitely my favorite book of the three, so it's by far my favorite video!

And now we are brought to video 3. I do like the chatty booklover-to-booklover chatty tone of the vlog. But I was in a new setting here, trying to hold the camera out in front of me, and my face is a little too close and moon-y. I'm also sporting the day 2 hairdo, smooth (ish) and straight(ish), and no glasses. I've heard real vloggers say that they notice their views increase or decrease with certain physical looks, and I do have to admit that I wouldn't want to click on that face (below).

Live and learn!

**I am surely under no illusions that I am a vlog star, but I couldn't resist adapting the Smash Mouth tune. Are you singing with me now? It's been running through my head.

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morninglight mama said...

You're too awesome. I'm still toying with this idea... we shall see. I have such self-consciousness about my appearance, so there's that factor. :)

I think it's hard to find a screenshot that doesn't make one look a little odd... how in the world do they pick that still image to represent the whole video??

I'm hoping for more of these!