Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live Blog of American Idol Finale

I haven't been live blogging about Idol this year (or blogging at all, really), because Amanda and I can't watch on Wednesdays, because she doesn't get back from Youth Group until 9pm, so we've been watching it on Thursdays after school.  But since it's on Tuesday tonight, we are watching LIVE.

This has been a good season.  We've really enjoyed it.  Lauren and Scotty are both sweeties, and I know that they've had consistent fans.  I personally would love to see Scotty win, but I won't be disappointed with either of them.  I really thought that James was going to take it all.  He definitely has the talent.

Scotty and Lauren are up there with the doctor, and Scotty looks nervous. He always looks nervous when he's just sitting there, but he has a ball when he's performing, and that's what's happening now with "Gone".  I just love him.

Lauren -- "Flat on the Floor" -- she's good and awfully sweet, but I just think Scotty's something else.

I like this round 2 idea of having their idol pick the song for them.  However, even when George Strait released "Check Yes or No" I thought it was a very VERY boring song, and so I don't think that this was Scotty's best performance at all.

I could care less about the Oprah show (her influence scares me!), but I love that commercial that just came on, showing some memorable goodbyes -- Ted Danson on Cheers, Walter Kronkite etc -- and asking "Where will you be?"

Carrie Underwood is Lauren's idol, and she selected "Maybe It Was Memphis."  This is a good song, and Lauren's doing well, and most importantly, having fun.  Amanda says, "Her dress is very fluffy." She's presented herself as you would think that a 16-year-old with a wardrobe department would -- like playing dress up.

Now their singles.  Scotty's was okay, but from the first line of Lauren's, I'm with her.  She's got it.  I'm pretty sure that if there was any doubt, the difference between these two songs will put her over the edge.  She's not just singing the heck out of this song, but she's performing it too.

And the judges just confirmed what I thought.  It's funny, because Amanda and I always said that Steven had a favorite, and it was Lauren.  I think that Randy grew to love Haley as his fave, and Jennifer was pulling for Scotty (as she just said here), but even she said that Lauren could have just won it with that song.

I'm not at all worried about Scotty though.  I think that everyone was pretty sure from about week 5 or 6 on out that win or lose, he had a contract waiting.  Sheryl Crow said as much when she was there mentoring.

And is Scotty not just adorable standing there with Lauren, listening to them tell her that she might have just won it.  Because of that, I redoubled my efforts and I'm placing some votes for that boy! Of course, Amanda's voting for Lauren, so whatever.


Foreign Languages Made Easy said...

They are both great singers, but it’s a fact that Lauren has more of a vocal range than Scotty does. With that said, I hope Lauren wins! If not, her album will be more successful than Scotty based on the way country radio stations talk down on Scotty! Good luck Lauren!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Apparently a lot of America did what you did and doubled their efforts to vote for Scotty. I kind of wondered if the judges calling it for Lauren would have that effect.

It comes down to a popularity contest, plain and simple, which is a shame, but when you leave voting up to America, well, that's whatcha got. :-)