Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Mom Magnet

I hope that I'm not the only mother who has preferences about my children's friends.  Actually, I don't really hope or care what you think.  I'm human, and I'll admit freely that some kids are easier to have over for playdates, some bring out the best in our kids, and when they spend time with others they display less-than-desirable attitudes.

Since I'm so quick to  judge assess other children, I know that other moms have feelings about my own as well.

My children are not perfect, and because Kyle is the 2nd child, much younger than his sister, he's probably that precocious kid who picks up his older sibling's likes and vocabulary that I wouldn't have wanted my sheltered first/only child Amanda to have hung out with at the time.  But it is what it is.

But Amanda -- she's a mom magnet.  They love her! One of her best elementary friend's moms told me that when she (the mom) met Amanda in the classroom at the beginning of the year, she told her daughter that she thought Amanda would be a good friend.

She went over to someone's house last week to finish up a group project, and when I picked her up, and I thanked the friend's mom, she said, "It was no problem.  She can come back any time.  Any time."

When I am frustrated with typical adolescent behavior of spaciness, independence (which sometimes shows itself with acting out that might seem disrespectful), and withdrawal, I always remember how Amanda looks to the outside world.  She's a good kid, and I'm very thankful for that.


Speaking of Amanda, did you watch her first vlog appearance?  We did a mother-daughter video book review of Meg Cabot's Abandon.  Check it out.  I'm giving her a little bit of a hard time, because that's my job, but I think that she shows in this video why she's so darn lovable!


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Aw, very sweet. And of course she's a mom magnet -- she has a fantastic mom who's doing a great job raising her!

Lady Old Soul said...

LOL I can TOTALLY relate to this!! Most people's kids make me want to throw myself off the tallest building in the city, and have been banned from the premsises on a permanent basis!

My younger daughter is a mom magnet, too!! She inspires the most incredible level of affection in people, and it never ceases to amaze me. Not that she isn't a wonderful child...she is!! It's just that sometimes, I get this creepy vibe that SOME of those moms wish they could pawn their evil child off on me and take my well-behaved one home to keep forever. LOL My elder munchkin...le sigh. She is a great kid, but she likes to be ALL up in the middle of every adult conversation, and it's really annoying. She's also infused with a VERY healthy level of noisy silliness, and it makes her hard to handle in large doses. I don't send her to friends' houses very often, since the people she befriends tend to make my eye twitch. But I'm sure if I did, she's one of those kids who would subsequently be passed over for playdates, god love her. She's still learning how to handle interactions that don't happen when I'm standing right there to redirect her excess energies. =)

morninglight mama said...

This is so wonderful- and I hope that Amanda feels good knowing that she's so respected and enjoyed by her friends' moms. :)

For the record, I can TOTALLY understand what you say in the beginning here... some children are definitely easier to invite into your home than others!