Friday, May 06, 2011

Sticking with It

One of the things that we love about our new house is all the living areas.  At any given time, one or all of us will be hanging out in the family room, the study downstairs, or the media room upstairs.  One of my favorite spots is the Quiet Reading Room.  This room is what is usually called a game room, fairly open upstairs, but because of a remodel the previous owners did, it's nicely set apart.  The man of the house displayed all of his trophies in this room, and I'm not talking Little League.  I'm talking Game -- heads of all sizes from all countries adorned the wall.  There was also a TV, but since the room right next door at the end of the hall is a media room with our giant screen TV, I was determined not to have a TV in there.  My dad and our friends questioned this decision: "What are you going to use that room for?"

That's where it got its name: The Quiet Reading Room.  It's come together quite nicely with a beautiful bargain sofa set that Amanda and I found at the Star outlet, a beautiful rug from Marshall's, our first married-people kitchen table that had been used in our Connecticut basement (Doesn't it just scream early 90's style??), and a place for Kyle's LEGO and other toys. 

The table is where the Donna Reed/Suzy Homemaker in me imagined passing fun Friday nights playing card games and whatnot.  I can't say that's happened yet, but I did buy this puzzle a couple of months ago and set it out, urging the children to join me.  It was easy at first, but then the stars and stripes tripped us up a bit, and I ended up finishing it myself, but I love the idea of having a puzzle table, so after I am able to appreciate the finished work a little longer, I will put another one out.

I almost gave up, to be honest.  The kids weren't interested anymore, and I was left with a sea of red, white, and blue pieces that could go anywhere.  After I stared at them a while, small differences the red and white pieces helped me find their homes.  Finishing those gave me a sense of accomplishment, but the blue and white field of stars was still a challenge.  After finding a piece or two on occasion, I was tempted to just call it a day, but one day I found four or five pieces, and the next I found a few more, and then one time I sat down and the last 20 pieced their way right in.

I started exercising two weeks ago.  I'm doing a very challenging system, thanks to Amazon Vine. I didn't really think that  Jillian Michaels Rip 60 Fitness DVD Set might work for me as a very soft, decidedly un-ripped person.  But you know what? Thanks to the instructor Jeremy Strom's gentle encouragement, I'm sticking with it.  I worked out all last week, and today I will do my 5th day of week 2, moving on to week 3.

Am I looking to get ripped?  No, but I am looking to get healthy, and yes, to lose some weight and look fit.  I've realized that I have so much time in my day, but I have to commit to work out every day.  And most importantly, even if it gets difficult, or I'd rather sit around and read a book, I have to stick with it.  The pieces will come together each day, as I fit it into my daily schedule, sometimes having to search out the exact right place for that piece of the puzzle.  


Carrie said...

I LOVE the idea of a quiet reading room. =) Big, fun spaces. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new home.

morninglight mama said...

Insane jealousy over a quiet reading room. Definitely!! :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Great job on working out! I know how hard it is to stick to something like that (as I am currently NOT sticking to anything like that...).

All of your rooms sound absolutely delightful!

Also, we have our first married-couple kitchen table, too. It is currently in our breakfast nook -- because it's so "well-used," I don't mind if the kids paint or use markers or whatever there, so it's kind of nice. Even if it is rather dated. :)