Friday, June 24, 2011

Books Worth Reading

I've posted several reviews over at 5 Minutes for Books this month. A couple have giveaways, so I wanted to make sure you could check them out.  I honestly think that there's something for everyone here, so if you are looking for a summer read for you or your kids, check them out.

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  • Leaving Van Gogh was a 5-Star Read for me. The setting came to life, and the author managed to unveil Vincent Van Gogh's mental illness without it being a totally depressing read.
  • The American Heiress just came out, but I've been hearing buzz on it for months. It's not usually my thing (late 19th century society -- America to England), but it was a nice light listen. Yes, it's an audiobook, and there's a giveaway. I think this book would make for great summer reading or listening if you like to keep it light (but not simple-minded).
  • A Pug's Tale is another one that is definitely classified as "light fiction," but I enjoyed it tremendously, mostly due to the fun, quirky characters, a likeable main character, and a little mystery.
  • Girl in Translation is a novel that reads like a memoir, mostly because it's based on the author's own experience of immigrating over from Hong Kong and struggling in a sub-par apartment in Brooklyn. This book was fascinating and has a lot of heart.
  • Joy for Beginners is a great book to read if you don't have a lot of time or mental energy to read, because each section looks at a different character, so you could definitely read one section and then pick the book back up in a week or so and not be lost. I don't read that way, but I know some of you do!
  • True . . . Sort of took me back to my late elementary/early middle school years. It was sort of funny, sort of sad, but Amanda liked it, and she really doesn't do sad, so I feel confident that it's not too heavy for tween readers.
  • I reviewed Healer a while back, but they offered up a giveaway in honor of the paperback release, and I was happy to be able to offer up this book about mothers and daughters and mid-life changes.
  • I received some random preschool DVDs from HIT factory, so I put them up as a giveaway
This really is quite a lineup. These were all very solid reads. Maybe I'm due for a clunker.
    Have you read anything good this month???

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    Lisa writes... said...

    Some interesting titles here...may be adding a couple to my ever growing, ever increasing wishlist! :)