Monday, June 13, 2011

What my kids have been reading

Oh, I'm so proud of Kyle for making that transition into being an independent reader. He's had the ability for over a year, but not the desire. With the increased downtime of summer, summer reading programs as incentives (our favorite is the one at Half-Price Books where you record minutes. If you read 600 minutes over June and July, you get a $5 gift certificate. If you are the top reader in your age group in your store, you get $20). I'm thinking that Amanda will have a shot at the 11 - 14 age group, because she's been reading hours each day.

Kyle's pick for this month is quite obvious.  Why do I know this without even asking him? Well, he read this new graphic novel for 3 or 4 days in a row. He refused to put it down. He wouldn't read anything else.  Over and over again, tears in his eyes when I suggested that he should really read another book.  I ended up winning the battle, but if he has to be stuck on something Squish #1: Super Amoeba by the masterminds behind Babymouse, Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm.

Basically this graphic novel for the middle grade reader takes place in the amoeba classroom -- blending everyday school activities with scientific terms (like photosynthesis and such), and the adventure of a little guy who reads Super Amoeba comics.

Amanda has been similarly obsessed with The Clique series. She's gone through SEVEN of the books in the last couple of weeks. Honestly this is not the kind of literature that I am thrilled for her to be reading, but the girls are in 8th grade (and by the end of the series, I think that they are in 9th grade), and honestly, it's scintillating. And I'm totally okay with her being immersed in boy crushes (and probably some kisses), girl drama, name-brand dropping, rich-girl toys etc etc. The final (14th in the series, but there are also 5 "Summer" books), published in February, so I'm sure that by the end of the summer, she'll have all 19 books under her belt. Her diet has been a little varied as she's waited for other books to come in at the library. She did read (and review, via video) Divergent and Illusions, which she enjoyed.

I've leafed through The Clique books and read some summaries. I'd sort of like to read one or two, but honestly I think that ut would take some of the fun out of it for her if her mom was reading along, and I'm totally okay letting her be an almost-teen girl and getting absorbed in the kind of drama that fortunately does not exist in her own life.


We have also come across some other series that he enjoys (below), and I would LOVE to hear some other suggestions that your 7 - 9 year old boys have enjoyed.

Need suggestions for summer reading? Check out what others have posted at the 5 Minutes for Books Kids' Picks carnival the 2nd Tuesday of each month.


Lauren said...

You might try the Marvin Redpost series by Louis Sachar. I think they are funny.

Amy - LIParentSource said...

If your son likes sports and hasn't read them already, he should try the baseball card adventure series written by Dan Guttman. They are historical fiction about baseball players and involve time travel. My son loved them and read every one of them. He's now reading Harry Potter but is also looking at a new series of books called the Ballpark Mysteries - it's relatively new, I think there are maybe 3 books? Oh and I just introduced him to the old Judy Blume standbys and he loved Superfudge - now on to Double Fudge.

I am going to check out that reading program online you mentioned - sounds fantastic.

Z-Kids said...

Very eager to read the first Squish book! We are big Babymouse fans over here.

Isaac was probably older than Kyle when he started reading the Percy Jackson books. That's the series that turned him into a voracious reader. He's now gulping down the Fablehaven books. Has Kyle checked out any classics like Encyclopedia Brown or Nate the Great?

If you're hunting for some other graphic novels, check out the Amulet series, the Bone series, Zita the Spacegirl, Walker Bean, Rapunzel's Revenge... Those are a few that our kids are crazy about.


Nancy said...

I don't have any suggestions but I'm writing down all of the ones already posted! Alex is really into graphic novels now so I know he'd enjoy Squish.

morninglight mama said...

A graphic novel about an amoeba. Wow, that's a new idea, huh??


There are also some graphic novel versions of The Hardy Boys-- updated story lines, but in GN format. Not sure about the reading level, but you could check your library.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Okay, the Super Amoeba looks super-cute. I'll have to keep that one in mind.