Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thinking about Writing

So if I'm not writing here (and I'm certainly not writing elsewhere -- well, I take that back, I have posted a fair number of reviews in recent weeks when there hasn't been much blogging going on**), at least I'm thinking about writing. Does that count??

I really do want to write about our trip to Connecticut, hospitality, a cooking challenge and so much more, but we've been in a bit of an end-of-summer whirlwind.

Another reason I've been thinking about writing is that I have been reading the fabulous Pam Allyn's Your Child's Writing Life (linked to my review and GIVEAWAY at 5 Minutes for Books).  In the midst of piles of papers that were unearthed when we moved, I found this:

Amanda made this when she was probably in 3rd grade.  If you click on it, it will become full-size, but the jist is that it's an ad for "Camileon (sic) Heels transform from high heels to flat soles in seconds!"

And Kyle made this last year in the first grade. I remember hearing about this outing with his grandparents and Terry (I was out of town), and was delighted when I saw that he had chosen to write about it:

I love this. I love the misspelled words, the measurements (a 14 foot fountain?), and everything. I love how it matches up with what he had shared with me earlier.  He loves this little booklet he made on the computer as well, taking it out and reading it often.

I was inspired by the book to have Kyle start his own sort of writing notebook. Lately I've heard a lot of "when I grow up, I'm going to invent. . . ." (another thing I've been meaning to write about), and so I decided that he should start his own notebook recording his ideas. The first one is already in there (a multi-leveled LEGO table that comes in a "disco box").

What I love about the cover is that after the K there (half out of the photo) is a : ).  He has been asking me how to make those smileys on the computer. Even if he doesn't know where the colon and parenthesis keys are, he can replicate them in writing. It's so empowering!

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morninglight mama said...

Those are great writing keepsakes!! :)

I recently found an "ad" that I made many years ago for that thing that was popular in the late 80s- it pulled all the hairs out of your legs with this vibrating coil thingy. Anyway, I can't remember what it was called, but the product I was advertising had a similar name except it was for your head and it was endorsed by Sinead O'Connor. :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Very cute -- love Kyle's notebook.

L. loves to "write books" and I can't tell you how many half-filled notebooks live in our house. But I am happy to encourage it.