Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What My Kids Have Been Reading - September

Seriously, is there anything more satisfying than THIS scene? 

The last Kids' Picks came right in the midst of our vacation to the Grand Canyon (which I am still in process of sharing), so I missed it, however I'll make up for it now.

What Amanda is reading a series that she started right before we left and is still chewing on, and in addition to what Kyle's been reading this last month, I'm going to share the series that he discovered around the time of our vacation as well.

Kyle, 2nd grade, age 7

Kyle has been enjoying two new literary characters: Humphrey and Alvin Ho.

I saw Surprises According to Humphrey and Friendship According to Humphrey in the audiobook section of the library, when I was looking for some books to take on our vacation. I didn't even know those existed, but Amanda read The World According to Humphrey in 4th grade as part of her school's "One School, One Read" program, which means it's the kind of book that will appeal to 1st through 4th grade, so I thought that would be perfect for him. I got the two audiobooks (which is an awesome way to enjoy a long road trip), books 2 and 3 in the series, and a print copy of the first one. He loved them!

When we were in Flagstaff, Amanda and I went to Barnes and Noble (more on that below), and I noticed that Summer According to Humphrey was one of the books that children could select after completing the reading challenge. I grabbed the form, went back across the street and filled in all of the books he had already read (over 6 just on the trip!), and then returned and got the book.

I asked him why he liked the Humphrey books, which take place in a school classroom and is told from the point of view of Humphrey the hamster. He said that they are exciting and interesting. I don't care what they are. I am just happy that he got lost in the story.

I read the 3rd book in the Alvin Ho series (first to me, linked to my review) for the Cybils last year. After Kyle plowed through some other books this summer, I introduced him to Alvin Ho, who is neurotic, funny, with just a tad bit of attitude. He loved them! In the last few weeks, he's read all 4, culminating with the most recent one that just published today (that I was offered as a part of the Amazon Vine reviewer program): Alvin Ho: Allergic to Dead Bodies, Funerals, and Other Fatal Circumstances.

Amanda, 8th grade, age 13

Amanda has been all about Michael Grant's Gone series, about a society in which all the adults disappear. The teens experience all sorts of things including Hunger, Lies, and Plague. She's reading that one now, after plowing through the first 3 500+ page books on vacation (We made the trip to B&N in Flagstaff to buy the 3rd one for her, since she was almost out of books, and we still had a long trip home). These books have been around a while. I'm not sure why she hadn't read them, but I know she'll be anxiously awaiting the 5th book, which isn't coming out until April.

I'm sharing my Kids' Picks, and you can read others and share your own at 5 Minutes for Books on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.


Lauren said...

The Humphrey books look great! Thanks for sharing them!

Nancy said...

Alex read one of the Alvin Ho books and seemed to like it, but when I got another one from the library he wasn't interested. He can be so fickle. :) I'll have to check out Humphrey though, that might be something he'd like. Unfortunately he's so into graphic novels now and turns up his nose at anything without a lot of pictures.