Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What my Kids are Reading - November

As always my kids have been reading, and they do have some recommendations. Amanda's 8th grade schoolwork is keeping her busy, so she's not reading as much as usual, but she has enjoyed reading some of the Cybils nominees with me.
One of her favorites (which I have not yet read) is The Detention Club. She highly recommends it, and it's in my stack, and I hope to get to it soon. She also loved revisiting Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero, and I think she enjoyed it as much as she read it the first time.
My 2nd grader Kyle has been doing a fair amount of independent reading. He and Calvin and Hobbes are inseparable! When he wakes in the morning, he reads a few pages. He generally takes them to the breakfast table with him. He brings them along in the car as well, frequently reading aloud a strip that he particularly likes. I'm so glad that he's become so immersed in the world of books and find them to be a friend to cheer him.

However, though I'm thrilled and encourage him, I still insist on "real" books, and fortunately, he enjoys them too. He has particularly enjoyed reading through the Magic Tree House Merlin Missions, and I've even got him reading one of the Cybils nominees that I liked and that is aimed to a younger audience. You can read my full review on Cinderella Smith today over at 5 Minutes for Books (with his full review to come later).

Find more Kids' Picks over at 5 Minutes for Books the 2nd Tuesday of each month!

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

L. discovered one of our Calvin and Hobbes book in the course of our move and I have caught him reading it several mornings -- curled up in a corner, absorbed in the comics. I think most of it goes over his head, but it's still cute to watch. Cute that Kyle is loving it!