Thursday, December 08, 2011

An Empty Square

I really love my BusyBodyBook Planner. I use those little squares to fill in my regular weekly activities, like Bible study and school volunteering, and then I use the space/squares to the right of that first column to just scrawl, as you can see.

This morning I noticed I have an empty square -- blessedly free of any commitment, any place to be, and even anything that doesn't usually end up in that square like a trip to the grocery store (but sometimes ends up somewhere in the scrawl to the right). I'm wearing my big oversized hoodie sweatshirt and jeans and I probably won't even put on makeup.

When I was getting Amanda off to school, she reminded me of something that is not on there. On Tuesday, she told me she was staying after school all this week to work on a mural with her art class, so I will be going to pick her up later, but honestly I don't even have to put on shoes if I don't want to, and because this is the last day, she's staying until 5:00pm or so, so that's a long way away.

There are other things that are swirling through my head this morning. There are Cybils books that need to be read, there are reviews to be written, and posts covering my recent press junket that have to be finished (Chipwrecked and We Bought a Zoo). Closets need to be culled and presents need to be wrapped. There are a couple of friends on my mind who I'd love to call. My dog is whining at the front door for her morning doggie playdate walk that will occur after the kids get on the bus this morning.

There's never a truly empty square, but even though there's much to be done, I'm thankful that I get to stay home and do it all.


Carrie said...

Well, that's a rarity, I'm sure! I hope you enjoyed it!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Empty squares ARE rare, and yes, delightful. I have to be careful to leave space for the empty squares -- it's tempting to fill them because I also don't like to have crazy over-scheduled days. But sometimes it's worth a hectic day, just to then have a do-nothing day later in the week.