Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gone too Soon

My aunt's husband, my husband's grandfather, my grandfather.
My friend's best friend, my friend's father,
and most recently -- Just a few weeks ago --
My friend's husband, my contemporary.

They all were gone too soon.
Their lives shortened by cancer.
It's too late for them, but there are so many who it's not:
A friend who just got the dreaded diagnosis,
A friend in remission, who holds her breath at every checkup.

We've all been touched by cancer.
We've seen victory and we've seen defeat.
Here's to more victory, more birthdays, less defeat.


This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society, but my opinions, and the poem, are my own.


Lee said...

Lovely writing, and a very hopeful video.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Very nice, Jennifer. A friend's sister is battling cancer, and then HER friend just passed away right before Christmas. It always seems harder when there are young kids involved... I lost my dad to cancer, too. You're right -- it touches us all.