Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's on my Nightstand, October

I've been a bad, bad blogger. My last post was exactly a month ago -- last month's Nightstand post. Well, THIS month's Nightstand post might explain why.
Since the beginning of October, I've been furiously reading as many of the 2011 Cybils Middle Grade Fiction nominees as I can. That has meant spending hours browsing my online library catalog, putting books on hold, and taking trips to the library -- as well as hours spent reading, of course!! My goal has been a book a day, and I've read at least 25 books in the last three weeks, but that's not going to get me through all of the 144 nominees before the end of December when I'll be deliberating with my panel to narrow the list down to a group of finalists to send on to the judges. I have to get busy!! (Edited after reading several comments to clarify that I am not required to read all the nominees. As a group we have to read them all and then we focus on the ones that people think are worthy of further consideration, but I would like to read as many as I can). I'm not going to list the books, but you can browse through the whole list on your own. I will say that I have about 25 library books here at home with me right now. I can also share a couple reviews in which I shared about a few of the titles that I've read recently (I also need to make time to write more reviews): Find out what others are reading at What's on My Nightstand at 5 Minutes for Books.