Monday, January 09, 2012

My Kids' Book Picks

As always, I'm joining in at 5 Minutes for Books and sharing what my kids have enjoyed reading this past month.

Amanda, age 13:

Last month she had just started Twilight. Between now and then she finished that one and then also read the 2nd and 3rd books in the series and has started Breaking Dawn.

I asked for her thoughts on the books for this post:

"They are stupid. They are good enough to keep reading, but they are still stupid."

I think that's her way of saying that the plot is good, but the writing isn't great. Also, I know that she is very annoyed by Bella.

Then I asked her about Crossed, which we both read this month: "I loved Crossed. It was more romance book-ish than Matched" (book 1 in the series which she also liked).

I've linked to my review of Crossed which will be live on 5 Minutes for Books at noon Eastern today. There's a giveaway too, so you should definitely check it out.

Kyle, age 7 1/2:

Kyle is still firmly ensconced in Calvin and Hobbes, but he did like the Peanuts collection I got him at Christmas as well.

As for "real books," he has found out that he enjoys some of the Boxcar Children books (the later, cheesier, more modern ones), but he's still reluctant to try out some books that are on his AR level (4th grade). Since I work in his school library, I always do research for him. The Hank Zipzer and Encyclopedia Brown books are both on his level, and I keep suggesting them, but so far he is resisting. Any real kid endorsements I can pass on to him regarding either of this series??


Carrie said...

;D hahahahaha! I like Amanda's summary of Twilight.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Amanda's quote completely cracked me up. Love it, and I know exactly what she means. :)

As for Kyle… what about Beverly Cleary books? Has he read those? C. really enjoyed them around that age. I loved Encyclopedia Brown, but C. never got into them as much as I'd hoped.

Carolyn said...

Don't worry about levels!! Focus on finding books he loves - more reading mileage is better than pushing harder text! Sorry - couldn't contain my reading specialist self.

morninglight mama said...

From everything I've heard about Twilight, I think you should be VERY proud of Amanda for her assessment. :)

Upstatemamma said...

I read the Twilight series and I like it bit I agree. :) My sob like the Boxcar Children as well

April said...

haha I think they are stupid too.

Nancy said...

As you know I have the same problem with Alex. He's read a couple of Encyclopedia Brown but hasn't shown a real interest in them or Boxcar Children. Sigh. Also several things I've suggested to him, he's already read in school, either on his own or by the teacher to the class.

Cynthia said...

Has Kyle tried Magic Tree House books? My son really liked those. And I, too, like your daughter's assessment of Twilight :-)

Caryl said...

I, too, love your daughter's thoughts on the Twilight series! I have a seven-year-old boy, and he's not reading chapter books on his own yet, although he could if he wanted to. He does read fun stuff on his own, though, like the Bad Kitty books, Spider magazine, and books I've already read aloud to him. I strew things around for him to find. I agree with Carolyn -- let him find what he likes, and maybe just leave stuff lying around for him to discover. Takes the pressure off, you know? (I have a 12-year-old daughter, too! Cool that our kids are so close in ages. :) )