Thursday, February 02, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure I'm a Zealot

I was going to title this post "Making it Happen," and give some updates and strategies I've used while trying to start up my running (jogging/walking) habit, but then it occurred to me that I'm feeling a little over-zealous about this whole running thing.


[zel-uhs] Show IPA
full of, characterized by, or due to zeal;  ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

Thank you, I don't know that the word diligent would be the first to come to anyone's mind to describe me, but I do tend to be a little ardent. When I find a new love, I want everyone! to! know! about! it!  And I want them to agree with me and check it out.  Some examples that come to mind that have recently inspired my passions:
  • hummus
  • exercise DVDs
  • my Bible study (BSF)
  • my Roku (in addition to running, my latest must-have love)
  • my cheap pre-paid cellphone plan
  • audiobooks
  • podcasts -- seriously, why don't more people listen to audiobooks and podcasts? They are so interesting, a great way to inform or entertain yourself, and utilize otherwise "dead" time like 
Okay, I'll reign in the zeal. But you get my point, right? I fall head over heels with something, and if I like it, shouldn't everyone?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not really zealous about running, like "Oooh, I love it so much and there's nothing I look forward to more than getting out there for my 33 minute workout." No. I don't love it. To be honest, it's a little boring to me.

But what I do like is that I'm doing it. I am actually learning to run. My heart has not once leapt out of my chest, my lungs haven't exploded, and my joints and ligaments are still basically intact.

So, as initially promised, I will offer some of my success techniques:

  1. Schedule your workouts --  This goes with any type of exercise plans, but each week I look at my calendar and actually schedule 3 or 4 times when I can run. I don't stick to it religiously, but it helps it happen.
  2. Find a plan -- There are billions of Couch to 5K type plans. One I had used that I liked because I could put it on my ipod and it walked me exactly through it is Personal Running Trainer. But what has really worked for me is the plan and great advice and encouragement of Budd Coates in Run Your Butt Off!: A Breakthrough Plan to Lose Weight and Start Running (No Experience Necessary!).
  3. No excuses -- just do it -- I write this ironically as I've only ran once this busy and rainy week. It probably means that I'll stick on this week's rotation for another week, but that's okay. Being a girl with lots of hair that requires some maintenance, the "no excuses" mentality has meant getting over the hassle of showering. I still shower, don't worry, but if I can't workout first thing in the morning, I don't let that stop me. I just deal with having to take a late afternoon shower. I learned that when I was working out regularly last Spring. It's sort of a pain, but it's not the end of the world. And is why you might just find in my PJs with wet hair at 5:00pm.
Are you zealous about certain products or activities? I'd love to give you a forum to proselytize in the comments.


Lee said...

I love it! Florida, here we come! Bring your running shoes, sista.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I know I've said it before, but I really am proud of you for your running. You're doing a great job!! And I agree with your tips. When it comes to the elliptical, I try not to let myself argue with myself -- I just have to hush up and workout with no excuses!

(I'm a zealot too sometimes. Right now it's about taking pictures.)