Sunday, February 26, 2012

What are we, the Worst Cooks in America?

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Amanda made some brownies last night after dinner. They were cooling, and I asked Kyle if he wanted to wait for a warm brownie, or if he wanted something else before bed.

"How many eggshells are in them?" he asked.

"Eggshells?" I wondered.

"Yeah. Sometimes there are shells in there. Or other hard things."

Needless to say, Kyle did not get a brownie, and while I'm pleading the 5th about whether or not mine or Amanda's baked goods ever have a bit of shell in there, we certainly aren't among the Worst Cooks in America.  We have been watching, and I'm enjoying Bobby Flay as Anne Burrell's challenger as team lead, but we aren't taking cooking tips from the contestants.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh, that cracked me up! C. and I are enjoying Worst Cooks as well. We were sad to see Bob go home this week...we kind of liked him.