Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girls Gone. . . Cold

It was Spring Break, and we were determined that we were going to the beach. We were juniors in high school with wheels, and that's what one does on Spring Break, right? With Galveston being an easy day trip, it was definitely on our agenda.

In the week leading up to our time off from school, Mindy would look up from her desk and excitedly utter "Beach!" and we'd smile at our plan.

When the designated day arrived, it was a little overcast and cool, but we had plans. We were 16, it was Spring Break -- we were going to the beach.

Jennifer, Mindy and I piled into Mary's royal blue Volvo. We were swimsuit-ed up, we had snacks, and we were ready to go. Surely it would be warmer and sunnier in Galveston.

It wasn't.

We got there, and did all the things one does to make a beach site fun --  spread out our towels, turned on the jambox and laid out to catch some rays (and perhaps the eyes of a group of guys?) -- but we were cold.

We decided that walking around might be warmer (not to mention that walking up and down the beach was like cruising Main Street). We also decided that we needed our towels. We draped them around our shoulders like capes, Jennifer grabbed the Wheat Thins, and we set off.

It quickly became comical.

We were not sexy teens looking for a good time. We weren't even that under the best of circumstances. We were just a group of stubborn girls who had picked a day for a beach trip and were bound and determined to stick to the plan.

It wasn't the beach trip that we had envisioned, but I think we had fun. If not, at least remembering all these years later is leaving me with a big smile on my face.


Photo credit:  Jennifer Donovan, but lest you be led astray, this is NOT Galveston. Not even close. It's the beautiful Caribbean.

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