Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kids' Picks -- March

Even though I've missed the last couple of opportunities to post, I love the 2nd Tuesday of each month, when I -- and other bookloving moms -- post the tried-and-true recommendations of what their kids have liked over in 5 Minutes for Books' Kids' Picks.

Kyle, 7 1/2 (2nd grade)

Kyle loved the Vincent Shadow books. I have posted a review at 5 Minutes for Books (and a giveaway!) that includes both my thoughts and his. Please check it out. I was honestly a little surprised that these two books grabbed him, but each time I asked him how much he likes it (and even ask him to rank it against other books he's loved), it gets high marks.

He also picked up one of the books that we own this week, from Black Lagoon Adventures for a re-read. These are the early chapter books based on the popular picture book by Mike Thaler that he found at Half-Price Books sometime last year. At that point, he was a good reader, but not crazy about it, so you'd better believe that I was willing to spend $2 on as many of those as he wanted to buy since he'd actually read them.

He rediscovered the books last week when I asked him to go through his bin of books downstairs and let me know which ones he didn't want anymore. I was surprised that he kept those, since he hasn't read them in a while. This is why it's always good to have some books on hand. You just never know when the urge might strike to read, and you also never know what they might feel like reading.

Amanda, 13 1/2 (8th grade)

My second kid's picks confirm this "have books around" philosophy. She's been doing a lot of re-reading in the last couple of months. She even told me, "Lately, I just feel like reading something that I know I'll love."

She re-read some of the Pseudonymous Bosch books because I finally bought her the last book in the series: You Have to Stop This.  I'm glad she can still pick up and enjoy this type of book even though I suppose it's technically below her level.

She also re-"read" Uglies when I brought it home on CD from the library, but now she's dying to get to Pretties and the others in the series (for a second read), but for some reason they have been checked out, so I finally put a hold on them at the library.

She does a lot of multi-tasking, so she's always looking for an audiobook. I've finally convinced her NOT to listen to audiobooks when she's trying to do homework, but if she's working on art projects, it's okay, and of course it is fine to do if she's just texting/facebooking her friends. And -- like her mother -- having a compelling audiobook to listen to encourages her to actually do some cleaning up.  She enjoyed They Never Came Back, as did I (linked to my full review).

That's all I can come up with for now, but I'm happy to share some of the book-love going on around here. What about you?

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Trish said...

I need to have Michael go through his books again and take the ones he doesn't want down to his younger cousins (most of them came from the older cousins anyway!)

Amanda might like Wonder, which I am just getting ready to write up for 5MFB. Very good book!