Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break, Sprung

We had a lovely week, but Spring Break has sprung, and now we are back to reality. What was so lovely about it? It was truly a break:

  • A break from waking up early. I'm a morning person in general, but these first few days after the daylight savings spring forward time change make it a little harder to get going. And since there weren't school buses to catch, I could actually enjoy my coffee. Kyle and I stayed "pajama-ed" until the morning hours were almost over.
  • A break from nagging because there's no homework to be done. In addition to that, since Amanda was away on a mission trip with the middle schoolers from church, there was no teen nagging either. I don't like the responsibility of taskmaster (but since I also don't like junior high homework not being turned in, or junior high daughters who need sleep staying up late to finish homework, I crack the whip.
  • A break from all scheduled activity: I didn't have to be at my Bible study leader's meeting or a Bible study meeting, or the school to volunteer, or baseball practice, or Amanda's church leadership meeting (or as happened last week -- both of those last two things at once). Just reading it makes me tired, so yes, I loved that break.
  Kyle and I did enjoy a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts for a special kids' session of the King Tut exhibit which included an art project afterwards. I'm not sure if the King Tut exhibit would have been worth the high price, but for $10 each, we got entry to the exhibit, a free audio guide which Kyle listened to and caused him to slow down and actually examine and enjoy the pieces, and then we got to spend an hour creating our own art project as inspired by the artifacts we just saw. It was a highlight of our week.

On that same day, we squeezed in a lunch date with Terry downtown, and a dinner date with my grandmother, but by doing all those things at once, it allowed us to schedule a couple of other lunches with friends.

We still have about 2 1/2 months of school, but this little break was definitely a hint of summer. While there are things I appreciate about the workaday schedule, I most definitely am craving more of the same.

 What about the summer schedule do you most enjoy?

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edj said...

I believe I've griped about this before, but I wish we got more breaks in the American system. One week between Jan and June is not enough! The french do it so much better, and manage to score higher in those darn international tests too. At the least, why couldn't we have 2 weeks for spring break? Sigh. Anyway. Our break is next week. Can't wait! I'm taking it too, sort of.