Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What my Kids are Reading -- April

We finally requested the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy series books #2 and #3 from the library. Kyle (almost 8) had stumbled across the first one there, and the others were never available, and in fact took a little while to come in on request. They were definitely worth the wait! Those two books kept him occupied and happily filling his reading log for a couple of weeks.

He's always enjoyed Geronimo Stilton, but I think he was becoming a bit bored. These are a little more advanced (higher reading level, and a bit longer), so I think that this is appealing to him. I noticed that the 4th book comes out in September, so we'll have to keep our eye open for that.  He's also QUITE excited that Squish #3: The Power of the Parasite is coming out next month.

Amanda (13 1/2) has a new motto "I only want to read what I like." I'm trying to get her to write a guest post On Reading, but the gist is that she's taking comfort in the familiar. If she's going to take the time to read, she wants to know that she'll love it.  She's been re-reading Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, to ready to listen to the audiobook of the brand new 5th book in the series Out of Sight, Out of Time, which I requested on audio. I'll be listening as well -- my first exposure to the series.

Fueling the dystopian frenzy, she also re-read Uglies and was waiting (for a loooong) time on her request of Pretties, until we bought it this weekend at the used bookstore. She did willingly read an unfamiliar book that I picked up after reading some good reviews (and also requesting the new audiobook Ten Things I Hate About Me from that same author), Does My Head Look Big In This?. She liked it -- yay! I think that the theme of being a misfit is one that is common to all teens. I know that Amanda often says she feels "awkward," and I think that knowing that EVERYONE feels awkward inside their skin is a comforting topic to ponder.

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Nancy said...

I'll have to check out those Kingdom of Fantasy books for Alex, he too has enjoyed Geronimo Stilton but I think got bored with them. I'll add those to his list once he's through all of the series he's reading now - no need to add yet another! Oh and Alex also can't wait for Squish 3 - he asks me all the time when it's coming out.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I've been wondering if L.(almost 6) is ready for some Geronimo Stilton books -- the earlier ones. He's a great reader, but I'm not sure what his attention span would be for the chapters. I should probably just pick up the first one and see...

Amy said...

I think my daughter (14) would sympathize with yours. She recently said to me: "I like classic books, but they usually start off very slow, and I have to make myself stay with them until the story gets interesting." I hope that all the fan-fic she also reads isn't shortening her attention span, and that she comes to appreciate that "slow" buildup.