Sunday, May 27, 2012

Amanda's Art

Amanda was selected to participate in the Jr. VASE competition (VASE is the Art equivalent to UIL). She entered the piece above, called "Layers." She presented it before a juror (an art teacher who discussed all the symbolism with Amanda, even over-interpreting as is often the case with art appreciation). She worked very hard on this canvas at school, and she was rewarded with the highest rating.

Her teacher had an art show this year at the school, inviting all of her students -- whether 6th grade beginners or 8th grade high school Art I students (like Amanda) -- to select one of their pieces from the year. There were photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings, still-lifes, and lots of talent!  In addition to the Jr. VASE piece, Amanda was allowed to select another.  She chose her "contour drawing" to display.

We are glad that Pops and Tutu live as close to Amanda's school as we do, and once again, they showed up to lend support.

Kyle has taken to carrying a book with him wherever he goes. This thrills me to no end, especially because it keeps him occupied when he gets tired of admiring his sister's artwork.

I've been thinking about how his love of reading (which I still ponder while crossing my fingers), and so today over at 5 Minutes for Books I've republished "Encouraging Tween Readers." in honor of Kyle's 8th birthday TODAY, which is when some begin to classify kids into the tween demographic.


Carrie said...

Congratulations to Amanda!

Livia said...

Congratulations to Amanda too! Gorgeous artwork...great job :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Congratulations to Amanda!! Great job! Art is pretty much at the bottom of my list of talents. I would call it a non-talent for me. :) So I am always amazed by people who can draw and create. She did some very nice work!

Love the pic of Kyle reading too. It's always so heart-warming to see our kids reading!

Lee said...

Go Amanda!