Thursday, June 14, 2012


"What's up with you and your flip flops?"

Kyle doesn't hesitate in answering the question. Some kids would ask what I meant, why I wanted to know, or say that nothing was up.  Kyle simply said,"We love each other."

The reason why I asked, in case you want to know, is because he was wearing them with his pajamas.

We had been swimming that afternoon and when he came in and got dressed, he put on his PJ's, which is normal if it's late in the day (though the sun was still up and would be for several hours). So it was 4:00 p.m., he in his pajamas watching some TV, dressed to the shoes.

I'm not sure about the sandals' feelings for their owner, but Kyle does love his flip flops.

This year, Kyle had been complaining that he had "never" had flip flops. He did have a pair that he wore one summer a few years ago, but since that time I had traded them in for Crocs and their heel straps, because he wasn't allowed to wear flip-flops on the playground at school.

I was more than willing to honor his wish, so I picked some up on my next trip to Target, and Kyle has been a happy boy ever since.

As cute as the love of a boy for his shoes is, and as much as I love the fact that his skipping is an outward manifestation of his exuberant spirit (yes, he's still skipping), you can take my word that skipping and flip-flopping on wood floors do not mix. It might work for the do-er, but it's not so pleasant to the hear-er.


Livia said...

I love wearing flip flops too, especially during the summer. I wear them almost every day :)

Carrie said...

"We love each other." HAHAHA! Nice comeback!