Monday, July 30, 2012

Smashed Mailboxes

Mailbox baseball 

 I found this image on Creative Commons when looking for a mailbox for Mailbox Monday (click over to 5 Minutes for Books to see what that's all about). I HAD to use it because it literally could have been my mailbox in Connecticut. Ours was green, ours was a bit dented, and in the summer months ours was surrounded by dense greenery just like this.
 We've been away for over a year and a half now.  I still miss Connecticut -- our friends there, the communities we had established, our wonderfully stocked town library, the four seasons, our proximity to New York City.  I miss it all.  We are very well settled in Houston, and I'm not at all sorry that we moved, especially given the recent turn of events. But I miss it. It will forever be the place where Amanda grew up, though I wonder if it will stay that way in her memory. Kyle will probably barely remember it.

Because I have some New England small town in my soul due to my time there, I can tell you what happened to this mailbox from personal experience. In small New England towns, young men take to the streets late at night and bash mailboxes with bats for fun. I don't know why. But they do.

Another reason could be a well-meaning distracted driver on a beautifully winding road with no shoulder who might get too close to the mailbox. I might even know a certain well-meaning driver (ahem) whose contact with a mailbox cost her the passenger side mirror. I don't know what kind of mailbox it was, but a quick glance back showed that it was still standing tall!

Had I not spent that time there -- initially out of my comfort zone -- this would look like an ugly mailbox surrounded by a jungle of plants. But now? It just looks like home.

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Carrie said...

I liked this post.

I really like it when people love where they've been and miss certain aspects of it. It's nicer than hearing "good riddance" and it ...I don't know. I just like it.