Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids' Picks, August

Amanda (almost 14) read the City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) sometime last year. I think that the books look pretty weird and slightly creepy (Right? What's with burnished gold chest guy rising over the city?), and I'm not sure what they're about exactly, but she likes them. She re-read the first one recently and after not being able to get the next books at the library or Half-Price Books, she was happy to find some used copies at decent prices at Powell's when we were on our vacation, and she has devoured the 2nd book (a chunkster) and is partway into the 3rd one less than a week later.

I asked Amanda about content, and when pressed she said that there's some kissing and "yearning and burning." I asked who she'd recommend them to, and she said, "I don't know. Everyone. Probably girls, not boys. People who like books."  Clear as mud?

After thinking more she said, "It's fantasy, sort of I guess. And it's funny. Not funny all the time, but some of the characters say funny things."

Kyle has been continuing his love affair with the Hank Zipzer series. I love watching him get involved in the books and hearing him chuckle aloud while he's reading. His most recent is Day of the Iguana, and he said it's one of the best ones he's read.

This month, he's also been enjoying some Garfield comic compilations that we had around from Amanda's comics phase. Between Garfield and Hank, Kyle did a lot of reading during our downtime on vacation and not a whole lot of playing of the Nintendo DS. I'm astounded that he's truly become a reader.

Have your kids had a lovely reading summer? Have they made any new novel friends? Find out about what kids are reading all over the blogosphere at Kids' Picks the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5 Minutes for Books.


Nancy said...

So Alex has been putting off the first Hank Zipzer, it's due back next week after reaching the renewal limit (which means we've had it 2 months). I finally insisted he read the first chapter, and guess what! He liked it! :/ And then he said, "you made me do that with Justin Case too, and I liked it too." Someday he'll listen to me, right? Sigh.

Amy said...

Ha, my boys adore Garfield collections, too! They check them out from the library over and over again, and constantly read them out loud to me. "Mommy, listen to this..."