Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kids' Picks, September

Kyle (8) has begun to use reading as an excuse not to do his homework. As of yet, I haven't heard about any sort of home reading requirement. In the the past, he's had a home log to keep track of his 20 minute nightly reading assignment. I do know for certain that the 3rd grade has opted not to use AR testing. For Kyle, the challenge was finding books that were on his required level, because it was above his grade level, so we had to find books that interested him and that were appropriate, yet also fell in the range. It also motivated him to read more, because they kept track of the points. However, on the flip side, I am glad that he can read what he wants without constraints of level.

Just like last month, he's still enjoying the Hank Zipzer series and the Garfield comic collections that are hand-me-downs from his sister. But the pick that makes me happiest is that he finally decided to give Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms a chance, right at the end of our August vacation. He wanted to take a break with some less-challenging reads, but he did move on the second book Horten's Incredible Illusions which is the book that is currently keeping him from his homework. He agrees with me that this one is even more exciting than the first one.

As for Amanda, she also read one of my favorites, The Fault in Our Stars. She really wanted to read some John Green, and of the two I've read, I thought that was the most appropriate. As I said in my review (linked above), I think that readers should be in high school to enjoy this one. There is some language (though not nearly as much in the other John Green book I read) and also some "mature situations" for these 17-year-old characters. She loved it, and is ready for more John Green, but I need to read some others to see what I could recommend.

Fortunately (or un-), she's so busy with school, that she does not have much time for pleasure-reading.

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Carrie said...

I ordered both Horton books with some birthday money. Can't wait to get them!

Nancy said...

Funny, this is the first year Alex is using that AR level. I don't know what level he's supposed to be striving for, but the book he's reading at home (Elliot and the Goblin War) is 4.7. I'm not complaining because he hasn't picked the book up until now.

I really want to read both the Horten's books and the John Green.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Both of the Horten's books AND The Fault… are on my want-to-read list. Not sure if they'll all make it onto my FIR list this year or not, but they are all on my radar.