Sunday, October 14, 2012

Praising God in song, with Hillsong

I've been making an effort over the past six months or so to focus more on God throughout the day. By far the most impacting choice is to listen to Christian music. I turn it on when I'm home in the mornings or while I'm on the computer (like right now!). In the past, I've avoided extra noise, thinking I needed the quiet, but this has turned out to be so much more beneficial.

One of the new CDs** I've been listening to is Hillsong's newest: Cornerstone [Live]

One of my favorites is the first song, "Endless Light." It's inspiring and very singable. And that's important to me, because when music moves me, I want to sing along (be glad you can't hear me when I'm in my car!).

There are different styles, from upbeat to more contemplative, and different lead vocalists, so this collection will definitely have broad appeal. I also found out from the press release, when I was sent the CD to review, that Brooke Fraser wrote some of the songs. I LOVE her.

I have to admit (not that it's a horrible sinful act or anything), that I've only recently become a real fan of praise music. I think that older praise music, and some of contemporary music, sounds a bit like elevator muzak, so I'm happy to have singable praise choruses that are also in the more contemporary musical style that I appreciate.

**Yes, I mentioned that it was a CD. I'm totally old school and actually like to have real CDs to listen to in my car. At home I'll listen on my computer or via my TV sound system, or occasionally my ipod.

Do you listen to praise music? When and where and how?


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I do enjoy listening to praise music, and I find that it is SO good at helping to direct my thoughts and attitude in the right direction. Since I'm spending an awful lot of time in the car this year, that's a good place for me. Also at home, especially while folding laundry. I like Matt Redman's latest, as well as the Kutless praise CDs. I was evening listening to some old school Petra Praise last week. :)

Oh, and I still like to have CDs too.

Trish said...

I do enjoy praise music, but lately I've really gotten into JJ Heller. She writes such interesting, quirky songs, and I really like her!

riki jorden said...

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