Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Bust

We don't do Black Friday.

Last year Amanda really wanted to go. I figured things would be quiet mid-day, so we did go out after lunch. We couldn't even get into the outlet mall parking lot, but did go to a freestanding JC Penney and got a few deals -- clothing "needs," not gifts. She was happy, and I didn't die, so I guess it was worth taking one for the team.

This year, a store offered something that enticed me:

I managed to convince Amanda, and we dragged Kyle along reluctantly. We decided to try to leave a little before 7:00. We were running a little late, but we thought, "Certainly there will not be 100 people lined up before 7:00 a.m. waiting to get into a used bookstore. Surely if we are there by 7:30, we'll still be one of the first 100."

 As you may have guessed from the title of this post and my tone, we were wrong. We got there before 7:20, and saw the people in the store with their bags and gift cards, but there was no smiling store employee standing at the door with one for us.

 I had two bags of books to sell back and had wondered if the other 100 people might have had the same idea, but they didn't, so I got my credit, and then went on to spend as much or more as I've ever spent in one shot at that store. I did get $15 off with my Black Friday coupon, so I guess that's not bad. But Kyle talked me into a game that I probably only agreed to because of the special oxygen that reacts with tryptophan to cause unprecedented buying urges.

Half-Price Books - 1, Jennifer - 0 

A new Waffle House opened this year near the bookstore. Amanda has been wanting to go, and there wasn't a crowd, so we capped off our shopping with some waffles and hash browns.

Shop-owners - 0, Jennifer - 1 

Kyle needs a bath mat for his cold floor, so I thought we'd go to Kohl's, since it was just across the street. We got a bath mat -- two, actually -- one for him and one for Amanda. Amanda got some clothes she needed for her Christmas church performances, I bought Kyle some jeans and pants that he "needed," picked up some wrapping paper at the "don't forget me" station near the cash register, and left almost $100 poorer. But now I have Kohl's cash, I have $30 that I can spend next week. That's where they get you: Come back, soon. Save even more money!!

Kohl's - ?, Jennifer - ?

We'll wait to score this one until next week. If I actually remember to go, and if I only spend $30 or $40, then I might win. Otherwise Kohl's got me.

Did you shop last night or this morning? Will you shop today? Are you shopping online right now?

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Carrie said...

"She was happy and I didn't die..." LOL!!!

"...special oxygen that reacts with tryptophan to cause unprecedented buying urges."


I see you've survived another Black Friday.