Monday, November 26, 2012

What I WILL read this month

When I was trying to figure out my reading goals for the month, to write up for the monthly What's on Your Nightstand carnival, I decided to look back at my post for the Fall into Reading challenge since it will be over just before Christmas.

I've done well of keeping my goal of doing some personal non-review reading, and specifically reading more Christian nonfiction.

However, due to the fact that the group that I was reading it with stopped reading/discussing it, I haven't yet finished Soul Detox. I was liking it a lot -- I just happened to get derailed. So, I'll finish that, and get it moved out of my Bible study box and replace it with one of the other books that is awaiting my attention. There are many more I am looking forward to.

Another book that is on my list that I haven't gotten to is Embracing Obscurity. I'll give it a go, but due to some less-than-stellar reviews (like Carrie's), I'm not as interested as I once was. And my reading time is too valuable to finish a book just because it's on my list, so I'm not going to promise anything except that I will start it and give it a fair shake.

But looking back at my list, a certain book glared at me. A book that I still haven't read. A book that I even stopped putting on my Callapidder Days' challenges because I was so incredibly lame about it.

I WILL read it. In fact, I may start it now. And I won't say anything else about it until the deed is done.

What about you? Is there something that you really really want to or need to read this month? Let us know over at 5 Minutes for Books.


morninglight mama said...

Really?? How is that you have NOT read this yet? And how is that I didn't realize this?


Happy reading! Prepare to lose a little sleep as you plow through!

Lisa notes... said...

I've gotten derailed from several of my Fall Reading list books, too. But I'm back on track now, even though it means putting a few other books I'd already started on hold for now.

I'm learning to be more like reading time is valuable and I need to NOT finish a book just because it's on my list. I've taken to skimming a few that I once would have felt compelled to read every word. Maybe soon I'll learn to just STOP altogether. ha.

Enjoy HP!

Carrie said...

Is that the last of the HP books? (See how little I know?) I have an internal debate going in my head over whether or not I wish to continue to read the series or not. (More than likely - I will!)

Yes, you've been good about encouraging me not to continue reading a book I just don't care for. And most of the time I won't review them either but I did stick a draft in for you to look at. ;)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I've got a few books that I keep saying I will read / want to read and then keep on ignoring. It tends to be the bigger books because they are more daunting / increase the odds of my not finishing reading challenges in time - lol

Good luck with your reading goals!

planetnomad said...

I've given up on books that I said "I WILL read." I just put them on my shelf for some other time. So my list is just my 5MFB books. It's good to read outside of those, and I do, but it also feels really good to be caught up, you know? (Not that that ever happens...)


Cassandra said...

I too tend to get derailed on books even though I've been enjoying them. *cough*The Brothers Karamazov*cough* ;)

I hope you enjoy your December reading!

Barbara H. said...

I've never read HP, but I have had a few books like that, that I've kept listing but never gotten to.

I agree about giving a book a fair chance but not finishing it just because it's on the TBR list. There are too many other good books out there and not enough time to do that.

Shonya said...

I've been very distracted from my Fall Reading Challenge as well.

How fun to still have a Harry Potter book on your list--hope you get a couple of cold, snowy days this month to curl up and lose yourself in his world. :)

Beth said...

Soul Detox looks like an interesting book.

I really hesitate to make too many lists of books I want to read because I know I will get derailed. I rather like thinking I'm on this little ambling walk and picking up what I feel like. It makes me look better!

Good luck on getting your reading done.

Nancy said...

Ha - I'll believe that you read HP7 when I see it. :)

I had only personal reads on my Fall Into Reading list and I've read a few of them, we'll see if I make the whole list.