Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I'm Reading This Month

My poor blog hasn't seen any action since last month's "What's on Your Nightstand" carnival. There are a lot of things I mean to write, most notably my fun mother-daughter trip to Los Angeles that Amanda and I took in February. I still want to document that, so hopefully soon.

But now on to books. . . . I'm reading a lot of middle grade fiction this year. It's always satisfying for me, so I'm making an intentional effort to accept those titles for review. Here are some:
  •  This Journal Belongs to Ratchet looks like sweet heartwarming story. It's next up on my list, because I have a review and giveaway scheduled for this weekend.
  •  Before I read that one, I'd like to finish The Center of Everything by Linda Urban. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it, and it's okay, but I think I've decided that Linda Urban isn't really for me.

    In addition to those two, I hope to get to at least one of these: 
  •  Paperboy is a story about a young boy who stutters, sure to be heartwarming and inspiring. 
  •  The Sasquatch Escape (The Imaginary Veterinary) by Suzanne Selfors seems fun and interesting. 
As for other books, I have a whole big stack. These are two I know I'll get to, because I have blog tour deadlines:
  • Nowhere but Home is a "touching and funny novel" by Liza Palmer, which are two things I love, especially when added to a small-town Texas setting.
  • Maya's Notebook is an entirely different sort of read, a coming-of-age story about family secrets. It's by Isabel Allende, who is an author I've wanted to read.
I was excited about these books when I selected them, because they are both by "foreign" authors with "foreign" settings (India and Iron respectively), but I've passed them over a bit. We'll see if I get to them:


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Great list! Nowhere but Home definitely has me intrigued!

Hopewell said...

Nowhere but home sounds well worth a look--I like those two words as well!

Lisa @ http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/2013/03/whats-on-your-nightstand-march-like.html

Carrie said...

I couldn't remember who had what but I also selected The Sasquatch Escape. I think it looks fun.

I like the cover art for Nowhere but Home. Same for Paperboy which does, indeed, sound like a heartwarming tale. I'll wait for your thoughts on it!

Lisa notes... said...

I still enjoy middle grade fiction too. I also like to hear which ones are good because my husband listens to some of these books on CDs on his way to work each morning. I guess we never outgrow certain things. :-) Thanks for your list.

Barbara H. said...

Nowhere But Home sounds really interesting. I had a "foreign" book this time around, too, from Syria, a place I knew next to nothing about. Reading is a great way to experience other cultures.

Kara said...

A lot of these are new to me, but sound very interesting! I'll be curious to hear your thoughts! I'd love to hear about your LA trip too! :-)