Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Getting Older, Some Hackneyed Observations

I should say that I'm not just getting older, I'm getting better. It's trite but true. Things are trite for a reason; maybe it is actually "trite and true"? (that's a groaner that my pun-loving son who makes plays on words would love -- get it? tried and true??).

When I first started getting babysitters for my children, I felt old. Even though I was in my late late 20's, when that 12 year old came over to babysit for Amanda, I felt like I could identify more with being the awkward babysitter than an actual mom who was responsible for a child all the time. I figured out pretty quickly, though, that I'm Not Cool enough to really relate with them.

Now that I have a teenager, I'm a little cooler. Well, not really, but I do know more about what is cool or funny (like the Jared Padalecki song, but then again that could just be my daughter and her weird friends).

But now -- not only am I hiring babysitters instead of being a babysitter -- I have a daughter who is the babysitter. Up to this point, most of the people for whom she babysat were about my age, give or take a few years, but this weekend she got a new gig for a couple who had never hired a babysitter. When I dropped Amanda off, I met the mom of the one-year-old baby Amanda was going to be watching.

Seeing the fresh-faced young mom, I felt my wrinkles deepen and my experience rise to the top.

Yep, I'm old and getting older. But I don't just feel older, I do feel wiser. I have earned every wrinkle, and that which has not killed me (yet!) has made me stronger.

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Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

You are most definitely wiser, my friend! I've had a lot of reminders lately of how I'm now "the old mom." But at the same time, I see the experience that has brought me here as a good thing. And then when I think about how long you and I have known each other...almost 15 years!! Wow. We've gone from clueless new moms to moms of teens together...still much ahead of us, but I'm thankful we've been on this journey together.